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Best Books on Vietnamese Cooking

Great cookbooks are like mentors. They teach you about cuisines that are a world apart from the one you know. The recipes don’t simply look delicious, but more importantly work. These books give offer a glimpse into regional foods, share tantalizing details on recipes and their origin, and provide unique tips on using ingredients.

As you bookmark favorite recipes on your Kindle, you grow from a novice into an experienced cook. while making these recipes your own.

If you can’t have enough of Vietnamese food and want to explore it in depth, save this list of best books on the diverse cuisine. Some of these cookbooks contain recipes modified for a western audience, but still stay close to the original.

1. Into the Vietnamese Kitchen: Treasured Foodways, Modern Flavors by Andrea Nguyen

Available here

This book with over 175 recipes, ranging from simple to complex, is a tribute to classic Vietnamese cooking. The author also provides helpful instruction for modern cooks.

2. Vietnamese Home Cooking by Charles Phan and Jessica Battilana


Available here

Phan, the Vietnamese-Chinese chef from San Francisco, presents popular recipes from his restaurant. The cookbook also includes dishes from Thai and Cantonese cuisines.

3. The Banh Mi Handbook: Recipes for Crazy-Delicious Vietnamese Sandwiches by Andrea Nguyen


Available here

The author provides insights into popular street foods and the French influence on Vietnamese cuisine with 50 unique sandwich recipes.

4.Vietnamese Street Food by Tracey Lister and Andreas Pohl


Available here

Do you want to recreate street foods you enjoyed on a recent trip to Vietnam? Add this book to your collection.

5. Wild, Wild East: Recipes and Stories from Vietnam by Bobby Chinn


Available here

In this cookbook, restaurant owner and chef from Hanoi, Bobby Chin showcases recipes shared by locals. You’ll also find tips based on his own cooking adventures.

6. Quick & Easy Vietnamese: 75 Everyday Recipes by Nancie McDermott


Available here

This is a perfect book for beginners whose cuisine knowledge is restricted to restaurant menus and dinners hosted by Vietnamese friends.

7. The Vietnamese Cookbook by Diana Tran


Available here

If you don’t have the time to try complicated recipes, get this book. The author shows you quick and easy ways to create Vietnamese meals for the family.

8. Pleasures of the Vietnamese Table by Mai Pham


Available here

Mai Pham brings over 100 authentic recipes from home cooks and street food vendors in Vietnam, along with information on herbs and other ingredients.

9. Authentic Vietnamese Cooking: Food from a Family Table by Corinne Trang


Available here

The author has researched, created and tested delectable recipes from three regional Vietnamese cuisines for this cookbook.

10. The Little Saigon Cookbook by Ann Le


Available here

Ann Le brings you recipes from the vibrant Vietnamese community in California. The dishes are authentic enough, but come with a subtle western touch.

11. Vietnamese Home Cooking by Robert Carmack, Didier Corlou, Nguyen Thanh Van


Available here

This book is written by chefs based in Hanoi and focuses on traditional home cooking. For seasoned cooks, it is a good addition to their collection.

12. The Food of Vietnam: Authentic Recipes from the Ascending Dragon by Trieu Thi Choi and Marcel Isaak


Available here

This book is for readers who know Vietnamese cooking, as it is based on classical recipes. While the dishes may be heavy on fat content, the book comes with an interesting historical section.

13. Secrets of the Red Lantern: Stories and Recipes from the Heart by Pauline Nguyen and Luke Nguyen


Available here

The recipes in the book provide a nice contrast between restaurant food found in Vietnam and Australia. The focus in on herb infused and sweetish foods from southern Vietnam.

14. Vietnamese Dishes by Duong Thi Thanh Lien


Available here

A cookbook with historical value and focused on Vietnamese cooking styles before 1975. You’ll find recipes written in both English and Vietnamese.

15. The Flavours of Vietnam by Meera Freeman and Le Van Nhan


Available here

The authors from Australia have made recipes their main focus. You’ll need to be a little familiar with Vietnam cooking to do this book justice.

16. Lemongrass and Lime: New Vietnam Cooking by Mark Read


Available here

The recipes are taken from the menu of London’s Bam-bou restaurant. With Thai and Chinese influences, the dishes are a modern take on Vietnamese cooking.
Which of these cookbook will you be adding to your collection?

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