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Superfoods and Healthy Nutrition Trends in 2018: What Experts Say

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Healthy food industry is like fashion: every year new trends and super foods pop up and occupy our instagram feeds and health store shelves. Many of these foods, just like seasonal colors, fade with time: either because of newly found nutrition facts or simply because of boredom.

To understand which new super foods are here to stay, we asked top nutrition and healthy food experts what to expect from the healthy food trends in 2018, and here is what they had  to say.


Herbs to improve cognitive function and gut health boosters


Whilst there are a number of health and wellness trends set for 2018 it’s essential we stay on top of those which are scientifically sound and those which are simply taking FAD to a whole new level. Evidence surrounding nootropics is beginning to emerge as we understand how natural components of food and some more obscure herbs can influence our brain function. Research surrounding omega-3 for optimal brain health is pretty solid. However, there’s speculations surrounding herbs such as ginkgo and st john’s wart around how these can benefit our cognition. Before you rush to the shops I’d recommend waiting until the evidence surrounding these are fully conclusive.

Gut Health is also set to continue climbing up the trends ladder for 2018. Whilst gut health is hugely important and is linked to a number of health complications it’s not necessarily about popping the strongest probiotics you can find (this in itself has become a trend in 2017). Should you have gut health issues I recommend speaking to a nutritionist or other health care professional to work on a plan specifically for you.”

Jenna Hope, Jenna Hope Nutrition (Follow Jenna on Instagram and Facebook)


Keto diet and nutrient-dense superfood vegetables


The keto lifestyle will gain even more traction in 2018. People are starting to see that a diet focused on non-starchy vegetables, eggs, and meat yields much better health outcomes than a high-carbohydrate, low-fat diet. In 2018 I think we’ll continue to see regular foods transformed into healthier, low-carb versions, using nutrient-dense superfood vegetables like cauliflower, kale, and more.”

Maya Krampf, Wholesome Yum (Follow Maya on Instagram and Facebook)


Home cooking and gut-friendly healthy items: fermented foods, mushrooms and soy


“2017 saw home, lifestyle, and design trends centred around experiences and bringing the feelings of connection and comfort into our everyday lives. I think we’ll see that trend continuing in 2018 with health and nutrition and I predict an upswing in home cooking with fresh, hearty, healthy ingredients. I think we’ll see a major focus on vibrant meals that can be easily created at home with family and friends. Watch for buzzwords surrounding ease of preparation, comfort, satiety, and health-consciousness particularly about digestive health. 2018’s superfoods will be gut-friendly items including fermented foods, mushrooms, and soy.”

Morgan Crutchfield, Oh my Veggies (Follow “Oh My Veggies” on Facebook and Pinterest)


Sugar free diet


It’s not a specific food, but sugar free (or sugar light) eating is such an important and positive trend. I’ve gone sugar free a couple different times, and every time I find huge benefits from it, including: I feel better when I’m sugar free, I eat better (honestly, I eat REALLY yummy food when I’m going sugar free.) There are loads of major health benefits to consuming less sugar. I recalibrate my palate so I can really taste and appreciate food found in nature.

Bjork Ostrom, Pinch of Yum (Follow “Pinch of Yum” on Instagram and Facebook)

Functional Mushrooms

Functional mushrooms are medicinal mushrooms. In other words, it is certain types of mushrooms that possess medicinal properties and are often added to different health products. Examples of functional mushrooms include Shiitake, Cordiceps, Enoki, Reishi.


“I think that few of the trends which started already in 2017 will experience their boom this year. We might still see the popular colourful lattes, focused on using quality plant based milks and superfood powders. Most likely the super food of this year will be functional mushrooms. As we are finally getting concerned more about our gut health lately, we try to support the good gut flora and therefore our immune system by adding the right foods in our diets. And functional mushrooms seem like they can take a big role in the healthy body scenario.”

Dagmar Mulligan, The Peckish Girl (Follow Dagmar on Instagram and Facebook)


Superfood powders like turmeric, collagen and spirulina

Superfood powders are nothing else but your favourite healthy foods in their powdered and hence concentrated form. They are usually prepared from fresh raw ingredients that are freeze-dried and then processed into fine powders. Through this method all the necessary nutrients (minerals, antioxidants, bioflavonoids etc.) stay intact.


In 2018, I believe superfood powders will become the new trend – since they can be added to just about any food and will automatically amp up the nutritional value! In particular, turmeric powder, collagen, spirulina and protein powders for women will be all over supermarket shelves, and can be added to smoothies, oatmeal, baked goods, and even coffee!”

Anjali Shah, The Picky Eater (Follow Anjali on Instagram and Twitter)



Keep it simple: fresh fruits and vegetables, lean proteins, and plant based fats


“As the field of nutrition is young and always growing, there are so many new healthy food trends. However, those trends, ones found to have little scientific information backing them up, always end up going out of trend. What never goes out of style? Having a diet full of fresh fruits and vegetables, lean proteins, and plant based fats.

As appealing as new trends are, they go out of style for a reason. The best thing to do with your 2018 health goals is to simply learn how to cook fresh, wholesome foods. Go to your local farmers market, buy fresh produce, take a cooking class. Learn how to adapt a healthy lifestyle, instead of buying into new trends that claim to solve all your problems.”

Stephanie Voytek, That Certain Touch (Follow Stephanie on Instagram)


Do you think there will be some other food trends to come that are worth mentioning? Let us know in the comments!

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