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Top 45 Vegan and Plant-Based Blogs 2018

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All vegan and plant-based bloggers from our top list are a great source of culinary inspiration. You will find here both big names from the food bloggers world as well as smaller, but equally delicious blogs. It doesn’t matter if you follow a plant based diet or a vegan lifestyle, or if you just want to incorporate more whole foods, fruits and veggies into your diet and eat healthier. These amazing bloggers share creative recipes, knowledge and their passion for clean eating.

1. Pick Up Limes

This blog and You Tube Channel is run by Sadia, a Dietetics graduate (an expert in human nutrition). Besides delicious recipes she also shares nutrition advice, food hacks and tips for minimalism living.

2. Deliciously Ella

Ella started her blog when she turned to plant based diet as a mean to cope with a chronic illness.  Since then she became a real sensation and inspired hundreds of thousands to improve their diets with her healthy wholesome recipes, which she shares on her blog and Instagram.

3. Avantgarde Vegan

Gaz is a professional chef who started his career at the age of 14. He hosts his own cooking show on You Tube, sharing his delicious vegan recipes, many of which are real masterpieces. Gaz knows how to cook in style, and his camera work and instructions are excellent.

4. My New Roots

Sarah is a Holistic Nutritionist and a Certified Nutritional Practitioner and she built her blog around her plant-based way of eating. 99% of her diet consists of vegetables, fruits, whole grains, beans, lentils, nuts, and seeds – and you will find all these ingredients in her recipes!

5. The Full Helping

Gena has overcome anorexia in her teen years and eventually turned to a vegan lifestyle, learned to love cooking and managed to heal herself from an eating disorder. Her blog is the real help for those who are always looking for simple yet nourishing vegan meals recipes.

6. Vegan Miam

Rika and Doni are avid travellers, who share plant-based (mostly) Asian recipes on their blog. Their recipes are flavourful and unique, and their travel notes are utterly inspiring.

7. Isa Chandra

Isa has been creating delicious vegan recipes for over 20 years, and she managed to turn her passion for great food into a profession. Her blog offers exquisite vegan recipes along with gorgeous food photography.

8. Yum Universe

Heather Crosby, who calls her self a “veggie-lover”, shares her knowledge and resources for those, who want to lead a healthy yet delicious life. Her blog is a judgement free space with loads of recipes and meal plans, and it serves the goal to inspire more people to enjoy vegetables.



9. Blissful Basil

Ashley is a professional psychologist and a recipe creator who focuses on simple plant-based, vegan recipes. On her blog she offers a wonderful collection of both delicious and visually appealing recipes, including raw vegan meals, pastas, gluten-free dishes and healthy snacks.

10. Sweet Potato Soul

Since switching to a vegan diet Jenné has significantly improved her digestion, treated acne and freed herself from anti-depressant drugs. She shares easy-to-make vegan recipes and healthy eating tips on her blog and You Tube channel.

11. Plant Based Pixie

Pixie is a registered associate nutritionist, who describes her plant-based diet as  “‘a diet based on plants’, not necessarily a diet solely consisting of plants”. Besides sharing recipes, she also shares a lot of nutrition information, from a professional point of view, and occasional travel notes and fitness inspiration.

12. The Glowing Fridge

Shannon believes that plant based foods beautify from inside out – they make your gut healthy and your skin glowing. Her blog is not just about food, but also about beauty, wellness and general vegan lifestyle.

13. Vegan by Somi

Somi’s blog is a perfect place for those who are just starting out the transition to vegan or plant based lifestyle. She focuses on simple recipes, special tips and tricks and vegan nutrition as a whole.

14. Sarah’s Vegan Kitchen

Sarah is the creator of a popular You Tube Channel Sarah’s Vegan Kitchen, where you can find lots of daily vegan meals ideas. On her blog she shares written recipes, where one section is completely dedicated to “fake meat” recipes, if this is something you are into.

15. Rawmazing

Susan, who found her balance by eating raw and plant-based cooked foods, shares her knowledge and experience on her blog. Through her website you’ll find not just amazing recipes along with stellar food photography, but also a community of like-minded people.

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16. Plant Based Jane

Jane showcases on her blog how effortless can vegan cooking be, and how diverse a plant based diet is. Her recipes are easy to replicate and will suit for vegan foodies of any age.

17. Healthienut

Taavi shares a lot of recipes that resemble traditional treats – but don’t get confused, all of them are vegan. Her section on desserts has a big collection of healthy vegan baking recipes, which includes many cookies and cakes.

18. Fooduzzi

Alexa’s blog is full of ideas for hearty vegan meals, which you can easily prepare in your kitchen. She also shares gorgeous and innovative recipes, like color changing pasta or vegan parmesan (yes, such a thing exists!).

19. Sprouting Zen

Jen is a certified raw vegan chef who shares her recipes (not just raw) on her blog. Her diet once consisted of many unhealthy eating habits, including loads of fried foods and sugars. After she transitioned to a plant based lifestyle, coupled with the evolving yoga practice, she never looked back.

20. Mrs. Plant

Mrs. Plant has an inspiring story. Just 6 years ago she was a sedentary Type 2 diabetic, a fast-food junkie, taking oral medications 3 times a day. She switched to a plant-based diet cold turkey, went off medications in 3 month completely and managed a significant weight loss. On her blog she shares her recipes as well as specific information for people suffering from Type 2 diabetes.



21. Food by Maria

Maria, a certified Nutritional Consultant, calls herself a healthy Greek Canadian fitness and food enthusiast. She shares recipes of sugar-free desserts, colorful breakfasts, nutritious snacks and dinners, along with her excellent food photography.

22. Pass the Plants

Beth shares recipes and tutorials for a dairy-free, meat-free and egg-free diet, focusing on the meals that are both healthy and affordable. A special part of her recipes is dedicated to (vegan) re-inventions of traditional meaty dishes, like tacos or cheese sauce.

23. I Love Vegan

Brittany and William, a young married couple, features over 180 vegan recipes on their website. Their meals are especially suitable for beginner cooks and those who lead a busy life and are short on time. They show that a vegan diet doesn’t need to be restrictive at all.

24. Simple Vegan Blog

Iosune (a health coach and a recipe developer) and Alberto (a food photographer and stylist) share delicious vegan and gluten-free recipes, which are also simple to make and look gorgeous. They have a special section on their website dedicated to vegan Spanish recipes, which is unique!

25. Yup … It’s Vegan

Shannon’s blog is a great place to get inspiration for simple, budget-friendly vegan meals, without the use of refined sugars or refined oils. Focusing on regionally available foods, Shannon features the seasonal produce from the Mid-Atlantic United States.

26. The Simple Veganista

Through her recipes Julie showcases that vegan food doesn’t need to be complicated or expensive.  She offers a vast collection of raw recipes, as well as adopted vegan versions of traditionally meaty and cheesy dishes like pizzas and burgers.

27. Connoisseurs Veg

Alissa, a recipe creator and an avid yogi, gets creative in her kitchen and loves to “veganize” traditional recipes. Her nacho sweet potato cheese and vegan mozzarella sticks are a great testament to that!

28. Vegan Richa

Richa Hingle, a person behind this blog, is an award winning recipe developer and an author of a best-selling cookbook. Her focus is vegan Indian cuisine – she lists over 1000 recipes, featuring different legumes, beans, lentils, pulses, veggies, whole grains, whole grain flatbreads, nuts, seeds and greens.

29. Crazy Vegan Kitchen

Amrita is a Melbourne-based, Singapore-native graduate of Le Cordon Bleu London and an animal rights activists. She shares  healthy, 100% plant based vegan recipes suitable for everyone, with a professional touch of a food stylist. Her colorful sushi and desserts will inspire everyone to get creative in the kitchen.

30. The Nut-Free Vegan

The vegan recipes of Steven, the creator of this blog, are unique, because they are completely free of tree nuts. His website is a treasure box for those who have nut allergies but still want to follow a plant-based or vegan lifestyle.

31. Vegan Heaven

Sina, who was once a real cheese-addict, shares her vegan recipes as well as tips for vegan travellers on her blog. You will find tonnes of plant-based and whole-food meals on her website, many of which take no more than 30 minutes to prepare.

32. From My Bowl

Caitlin is a vegan food and lifestyle blogger who shares her creations on her website and on her popular You Tube channel. All her recipes are oil-free, so it’s a perfect match for those who want to learn to cook wholesome meals without any use of oils whatsoever.

33. This Rawsome Vegan Life

Em, an award-winning food blogger and a best-selling cookbook author has been living vegan lifestyle since she was 16. She shares her recipes with a touch of a truly unique style, both in writing and photography. Her collection of raw vegan desserts is especially eye-catching.

34. Dora’s Table

If you are fond of Mexican food, Dora’s blog is just the right place for you. A graduate of Culinary Institute of America, Dora adopted plant-based diet to improve her health and since then she has re-created numerous famous Mexican dishes (yes to tacos and tamales!) to suit vegan dietary requirements.

35. It Doesn’t Taste Like Chicken

Sam, coming from a family of butchers and hunters, went vegan overnight and she shares her easy vegan recipes with step-by-step tutorials on her blog. Her videos are full of optimism and humour, and her recipes are as creative as they can be – for example, a vegan egg, which looks exactly like a chicken egg cooked sunny side up!

36. Mississippi Vegan

Timothy’s menus are truly original. He tries to incorporate cajun, creole, and southern inspired ideas into his recipes, along with local, seasonal, and often wild produce and mushrooms. He is also a professional artist who compliments his cookery with top-notch photography and teaches food styling.

37. Veggie Inspired

Jenn’s blog began as a way to document her journey on a 30 day whole foods plant based challenge and she hasn’t stopped writing ever since. She has a wonderful collection of recipes that take 15 to 30 minutes to prepare, just perfect for the busy vegan foodies out there.

38. Naturally Nina

Nina is a student of Nutritional Medicine and Dietetics and she shares her passion for healthy lifestyle and nutrition through her blog and instagram. Her recipes are simple, beautiful and diverse, and will inspire anyone to make their kitchen healthy.

39. The Plant Philosophy

Veganism has completely changed Margaret’s life, and she eagerly shares her success to inspire others who already follow a vegan lifestyle or just find themselves in transition. Her recipes are simple and beautiful, and you will even find some ideas for vegan dog treats.

40. Elephantastic Vegan

Initially, Bianca started her blog to keep a better track of what she was eating and what she was able to cook. Today, besides delicious recipes (where an entire section is dedicated to homemade breads!) her blog also offers a lot of information for those who are just starting our with a vegan diet.

41. The Colorful Kitchen

Ilene is a certified health coach, who combines her love of color and texture with plant-based cooking on her blog. Her healthy recipes are mostly gluten-free, and through their colorful presentation they are the real pleasure for the eyes!

42. Healthy Happy Life

Kathy Patalsky is the author of two cookbooks and the founder of  blogger-fueled recipe website Finding Vegan, who strives to inspire everyone to enjoy more veggies and fruits in their diet. Her blog is not just about delicious vegan recipes, it is a lifestyle blog, full of beautiful photography and inspiring travel notes.

43. The First Mess

Laura is a Culinary School graduate, who grew up with agriculture and spent years working in restaurants. Her blog is about  “living simply, cooking, and staying connected to the earth”. Her marvellous plant-based recipe collection includes everything from easy dips to wellness smoothies and hearty stews. 

44. Pickles And Honey

This blog is run by Amanda, a Culinary Nutritionist, and Aaron, an award-winning Creative Director. Most of their vegan recipes feature not more than 10 ingredients and require minimal kitchen equipment, as well as just a few minutes for preparation.

45. My Whole Food Life

Melissa and Marcus created their blog with the mission to give inspiration to those seeking a healthier lifestyle. With their passion to create homemade healthy versions of unhealthy foods, they turned their blog into a “one-stop shop for great healthy recipes”.

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