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Intuitive Eating with Amanda Lambrechts

In this podcast episode we interview Amanda Lambrechts, an Intuitive Eating Registered Dietitian and a Licensed Nutritionist. The concept of intuitive eating is opposite to so-called diet mentality, and it  is totally new even for many professional nutritionists.

During the episode we talk about the concept of intuitive eating, its principles, possible challenges and how to overcome them. We also touch such topics like weight loss, positive body image, the link between our childhood and adult eating behavior, as well as the ability to understand what your own body needs. 

Interview Highlights and Quick Links

2:50 Why professional nutritionists take Intuitive Eating Approach

4:50 What is Intuitive Eating in a nutshell

6:58 What rejecting the Diet Mentality means and how to do it

7:30 The role if nutritionists and dieticians in transition to Intuitive Eating

10:20 The biggest challenges when adopting Intuitive Eating

11:20 Intuitive Eating and Weight Loss

13:00 Intuitive Eating and positive body image

14:30 Is Intuitive Eating for everyone?

17:20 How to recognise your hunger and not give into cravings

21:00 Childhood and our eating behaviour

24:20 How to listen to your body and understand what it really needs

36:40 How to manage unhealthy food cravings in the context of intuitive eating

38:20 What to eat when you follow Intuitive Eating

Resources from the Interview

Free Intuitive Eating Guide

Food Psych Podcast

About Amanda Lambrechts

Amanda Lambrechts (MS, RD, LN) is an Intuitive Eating Registered Dietitian, a Licensed Nutritionist and the owner of the online practice at Spilling the Beans Nutrition. Her practice focuses on helping people recover from disordered eating in addition to guiding individuals in breaking free from diet culture and moving towards intuitive eating. 

Website of Amanda: Spilling the Beans Nutrition

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This video was recorded live, as a part of Happy Bellyfish Video Podcast “Healthy Eating Unbiased and Simplified”. In these interview series we bring nutritionists, doctors, farmers and activists to share different prospectives on what healthy eating is.

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