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Hair Loss, Ageing and Chemical Imbalances with Dr Ray Nettles

The guest of our today’s episode, Dr. Ray Nettles, is the inventor of a unique hair loss treatment, and we talk about hair loss, ageing and chemical imbalances in general.  We talk about the role of nutrition, genetics and our lifestyle, not just for healthy hair growth, but for our well-being in general. Dr. Ray Nettles explains how our bodies work and shares tips concerning what everyone can do to improve their hair and general health right now.

Interview Highlights and Quick Links

03:00 What is chemical imbalance?

05:00 Why food is medicine

07:40 The role of genetics and lifestyle

08:00 How much protein you really need?

12:00 Why you need to eat healthy fats

13:00 Food and Aging (Aging and nutrient absorption)

16:35 Why you need to fix your macro nutrients first

18:00 What’s the problem with nutritional supplements

22:15 Why food is medicine

24:00 Hair loss reasons and treatment

29:00Three simple things you can do every day to improve your hair (and general health)

31:45 Why bad habits are so hard to break

About Dr Ray Nettles

Dr. Nettles is the inventor of the Biochemical Report Card that enables him to test all elements of our biochemistry, including our nutrition, to see how we are doing at providing the nutrients our body needs to thrive as we age. Dr Nettles also discovered that chemical imbalances within the body are responsible in many cases for: fatigue, lack of energy, trouble sleeping, lack of libido, low drive, difficulty building muscle, weight gain and age related diseases. Dr Nettles is a great advocate of the notion that food is medicine. Based on the results of each individual’s biochemical report card, he provides his patients with recommendations to improve their health, reduce risk of disease and improve their quality of life. Dr Nettles has degrees in medicine, hair loss surgery, genetics, biochemistry (AACS, A4M, ISHRS, MD) and a masters in human behavior.

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This video was recorded live, as a part of Happy Bellyfish Video Podcast “Healthy Eating Unbiased and Simplified”. In these interview series we bring nutritionists, doctors, farmers and activists to share different prospectives on what healthy eating is.

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