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Top 35 Herbalists to Follow and Learn From

The healing power of plants has long ago turned from the best kept secret into a science-backed common knowledge. Yet there are very few true experts, the herbalists, who dedicate their lives to preserve and apply this sacred knowledge. We hope that our list will make it easier for you to git a glimpse of the ancient wisdom of herbs

All herbalists on this list have one thing in common. They have found the secret to good health and longevity, all with the help of mother nature. And that information has become a teachable lifestyle for them, their students, and followers.

All 35 beautiful people in this article have come to understand that the body can be healed solely on the gifts nature has granted us. They have also understood that it does not stop at healing alone but begins with the nourishment of the body through these herbs we have access to.

So, let us dive into the list of Top 35 Herbalists on internet.

1.Organic Olivia

Olivia started as a one-woman’s blog and has rapidly turned into a global tribe of like-minded individuals seeking knowledge, tools, and resources for leading a healthier and more fulfilling life. She has built a community on her website and Instagram that believes that natural remedies, herbs, and food can help prevent disease and increase the quality of life. On her page, Olivia offers her followers a line of herbal formulas: tinctures, capsules, “juices” & syrups.

2. Nicole Apelian

Dr. Nicole Apelian is a herbalist, biologist, anthropologist, researcher, mother, survival TV celebrity, traditional skills instructor, and author. She focuses on holistic wellness, which includes nature connection, gratitude, diet, and herbal remedies. you will find her Instagram page and her website is a well of herbal information.

3. Marysia_Miernowska

Marysia Miernowska is a teacher, author, herbalist, green witch, and Earth activist rooted in the wise woman tradition of healing. She has an online course in herbalism, on her website. Her students and fellow herbalists follow her on Instagram to learn all that they can on herbs.

4. Tania The Herbalist

Tania is a herbalist and coach. Whose page on Instagram and website focuses on Plant Medicine & Holistic Healing. Follow her on all things natural healing powers of herbs as a way of life.

5. Brigit Anna McNeill

Brigit Anna McNeill is a herbalist, mentor, ecothjerapist, and author of the book”Bloom & Thrive: Essential Healing Herbs and Flowers”.Her main focus is to help you learn which herbs and flowers will aid calm, happiness, boost energy, and how you can work simple natural remedies into your daily routine.

6. Sophia The Herbalist

Sophia is a Medical Herbalist, she studied Western Herbal Medicine at Middlesex University London. Her love for natural medicines blossomed while she was in medical school. She believes in herbal medicine as a form of healing, and strongly considers nutrition and other lifestyle factors to be as vital in treatment and prevention. Her website will offer you herbal wisdom to nurture you naturally.

7. Anima Mundi Herbals

Adriana Ayales is a  Costa Rican herbalist who bridges ancient remedies to the modern world. On her website, you will find that she is very adamant about preserving indigenous medicine. her focus has been to create a true farm to pharmacy experience through the art of medicine making with herbs. 

8. Ayo Herbalist

Ayo Ngozi Drayton is the founder and CEO of The Creative Root LLC. She teaches people of all ages to work with plants for healing, nourishment, and pleasure. The main focus on her website is to help people connect to their healing and creative birthrights.

9. Elder Moon Botanicals

Courtney Paige is a herbalist who has managed to merge tradition, spirituality & science. Through her website, she has been able to make herbal infusions to nourish and strengthen your body. She also extensively teaches you how to choose your herbs. It has been her main focus in her work as a herbalist.

10.Sacred Seeds

Alice Rose Betony is a herbalist who specializes in small-batch herbal products available to be bought in her shop. Apart from Instagram, you can find her website, where she offers online consultations together with wild medicine workshops.

11. The_Raw_Herbalist

Liz Bunting is known on Instagram and in herbal circles as the raw herbalist. On visiting her website, you will find that she is a certified herbalist and nutritionist. Applying herbs for medicine is a big part of her philosophy.

12. Natures Connection

Follow Kerry of who goes by @naturesconnection on Instagram. She is a herbalist and nutritionist. She is also a mind, body, soul, and wellness ambassador.

13. Mayernik Kitchen

Meet Shannon and Matt. They are a splendid pair of herbalists of @mayernikkitchen. Their website states Mayernik Kitchen was created in 2015, by husband and wife and since has grown with the offering of 75+ plant medicine products, workshops and classes held monthly, and an online community of eager learners. Follow then and get to learn everything herbs.

14. Whispering Roots

Whispering Roots Apothecary is a community herbalist outfit that is very serious about  Mind-Body-Spirit wellness. On their website, they offer classes and workshops based on the ways of a herbalist. Follow them for a chance to attend a supper herbalist’s workshop and to buy their herbal products too.

15.  Boheme Botanika

Follow Amber Joy of @bohemebotanika on Instagram. She is extremely passionate about offering herbal healing to her local community and beyond by sharing the wisdom of the plant world through education, inspiration, and handcrafted botanical offerings. Visit her website to get her products and enroll in her classes.

16. Blood And Spice Bush

Rebecca Beyer is the woman behind the Blood and Spice Bush School of Old Craft. She practices folk herbalism. She manages a homestead and teaches people how to forage wild plants and mushrooms. Having a B.S. in Plant and Soil Science from the University of Vermont, she is equipped to teach you all there is to know as a herbalist. Hop on to her website to book a class and purchase her products.

17. Moon Mother Apothecary

Suhaly Bautista-Carolina is an AfroDominican herbalist bringing plant medicine to the front lines of the movement for Black lives. She defiantly is making a difference in her community through plant medicine and everything herbal as a way of life. Tune in to her and listen to her share her gifts as a herbalist.

18. Moon Medicines

Follow Raven Rose a herbalist practicing a unique plant medicine practice. She specializes in menstrual health as a herbalist. Generally gravitating towards a wholistic guide to healthy cycles through plant medicine. On her website, you will find she is also an educator, and medicine woman.

20. Kami McBride

Kami McBride is the author of “TheHerbalKitchen” and has been teaching herbal medicine since 1988. Upon visiting her website, you will find online courses for building your home herbalism skills.

21. Woman Of Mountains

Follow Shy Scott a herbalist who regards herself as a woman of mountains of the Three Bear Mountain. She focuses on herbal aromatherapy and herbal soap making which is a fresh skill in the herbal industry. Her website offers her store with all the lovely herbal goodies.

22. Handmade_Apothecary

Kim and Vicky are London based herbalists who met whilst studying Herbal Medicine at the University of Westminster and set up Handmade Apothecary as a way to share herbal medicine with local communities. Find their workshops on their website together with a consultation on herbal medicine.

23. Rose Ritual Apothecary

Kaitlyn of Rose & Ritual Apothecary is a practitioner of ?????? ????????, ??????? and ???????. She hopes Rose & Ritual will better serve people of color, fight stereotypes, and cultivate a culture of learning under the belief that the Almighty Divine has created an herb or flower that can treat any ailment of the body and mind.

24. Lunamama Services

Metztli Lopez Torres is a Mexican healer and herbalist. Book a session on her website for a workshop or class on an informative herbalist journey.

25. Holistic_Me

Samantha Lee is a herbalist who specializes in herbal remedies, plant identification, herbal preparations, and holistic health and wellness. You can also catch her on her ver interesting YouTube channel.

26. Sage River Bird

Sandrine Dib best known as @sageriverbird on Instagram is a holistic health and herbalism guru she is a healer and health coach. Follow her for tips on all things herbal.

27. Botanic Wise

Charis Lindrooth of BotanicWise is a doctor of chiropractic, herbalist, and avid lifelong student dedicated to helping people connect and nurture their mind, body, and spirit through the wisdom of plants and community. She helps her community of like-minded people find plant-based healing remedies.

28. Herbal Rising

Tania Romero is a herbalist who offers herbal consultations and virtual healing circles and workshops. She also participates in herbalism conferences to be able to reach people who are outside her community. Join her in her numeral workshops or just follow her page to get the best herbalist lessons.

29. Lady Apothecary

Emma Marigold is a fully qualified Medical Herbalist & Health Guide, who graduated with a BSc from the University of Westminster in London. She practices herbalism for the modern-day and her polices ride on breaking taboos
and reviving our grandmother’s teachings. On her website, she offers consultation and so much more on herbal medicine.

30. Plantiful Apothecary

Amy of plantiful apothecary is a Herbalist who specializes in wholistic skincare and wellness products. Her work at PLANTiful specializes in making products in small batches, to ensure freshness and purity. Thus they forage for wild botanicals grown in and around Edmonton.

31. Rewild The Soul

In her circles, she is best known as Hannah the Herbalist. She has studied and practiced under various teachers and mentors with a formal education includes Clinical Herbalism. She believes in the healing and transformative power of spaces and practices. Visit her website to work with her and attend one of her events.

32. The Sustainable_Herbalist

Maxine Barratt is a herbalist who practices embodied living with a practical approach to plant medicine reflecting on clinical herbalism. Follow her on lessons all herbal.

33. Rosy Rose Herbalist

Rosy is a qualified master herbalist, who graduated from the Irish School of Herbal Medicine. She follows a holistic approach and grows or forages most of the herbs that she uses in her practice and products herself. You can follow her on Instagram.

34. Chris The Herbalist

Chris Lamont is a Registered Herbalist trained at the International College of Herbal Medicine and is a member of the Ontario Herbalist Association. His work is further seen on his website together with educative material on herbs created to teach on the practice.

35.Annes Backyard Herbal

Anne considers herself a wise woman who practices plan medicine which she terms as plant magic. This is what makes her a practicing Herbalist. Her website offers access to material on Anne’s Backyard Herbal LLC which is a reflection of her life’s work.

Do you think we missed a great herbalist that you know? Let us know in the comments and we’ll be happy to add their page to our list!

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