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Top 16 Doctors On Social Media, Who Practice Naturopathy And Functional Medicine

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Today, we find that there are doctors who have taken the path to focus on natural remedies and functional medicine, which is quite different from what conventional doctors practice. Naturopathy focuses exclusively on natural remedies to illness. Functional medicine looks at the whole body and how the environment affects it and looks at the root cause of the disease. While naturopathy focuses on natural remedies, functional medicine looks at the individual patient’s unique circumstances, from the patient’s body to the patient’s environment. So today we shall focus on a few doctors who practice Naturopathy and  Functional Medicine. These top professionals have truly embraced food as a medicine approach in their practices, and that’s exactly what our healthy cooking school stands for.

1. Zach Bush, M.D.

Zach Bush MD is a physician specializing in internal medicine, endocrinology, and hospice care. He is an internationally recognized educator and thought leader on the microbiome as it relates to health, disease, and food systems. His passion for education reaches across many disciplines, including topics such as the role of soil and water ecosystems in human genomics, immunity, and gut/brain health. 

2. Daniel G. Amen, M.D.

He is a psychiatrist, Founder  Amen Clinics, leader in brain health & neuroimaging, 12x NY Times bestselling author. Dr. Amen is transforming the way mental health is treated. He believes in providing personalized treatment plans that use the least toxic, most effective solutions.

3. Dr. Will Cole

Dr. Cole is a leading Functional Medicine Expert who consults with patients worldwide via webcam, author, and co-host of the goopfellas podcast. He specializes in clinically investigating underlying factors of chronic disease and customizing health programs for thyroid issues, autoimmune conditions, hormonal dysfunctions, digestive disorders, and brain problems.

4. Dr. Mary Pardee

She is a Functional Medicine doctor and who specializes in gut-brain health. Dr. Mary believes that if we optimize our gut-health as well as our brain health we can optimize our entire body. She uses the best of conventional medicine, naturopathic medicine, and functional medicine to get her clients the health results they desire. 

5. Dr. Steven Lin

Dr. Steven Lin is a world-leading functional dentist, TEDx speaker, and author of the International #1 Amazon Best Selling Book, The Dental Diet. Dr. Lin focusses on the understanding of dental disease through nutritional principles.

6. Dr. James DiNicolantonio

Dr. James DiNicolantonio is a cardiovascular research scientist and doctor of pharmacy at Saint Luke’s Mid America Heart Institute in Kansas City, Missouri, and author of The Salt Fix and Superfuel. He is an expert on health and nutrition, he has contributed extensively to health policy.

7. Dr. Lana Wellness

Dr. Lana is best known to offer a naturopathic approach to modern life. She looks into the underlying and often-overlooked aspects of our lives and bodies to uncover the root causes of health and wellness issues. Then, creates naturopathic health plans according to what your issue as her patient may be.

8. Dr. Katherine Chang

Dr. Katherine Chang is a licensed naturopathic doctor in California who focuses on wellness optimization, anti-aging, and preventative medicine. She utilizes modalities such as diet and lifestyle management, botanical herbs, nutraceuticals, special IV vitamin/mineral formulations, and platelet-rich plasma (PRP) as minimally invasive interventions. 

9. Dr. Asia Muhammad

Dr. Asia has used Naturopathic Medicine for years to manage thousands of gastroenterology cases with great success. From a numbers perspective, she says that we are mostly bacteria, and the microbiome is where she focuses much of her attention in chronic cases.

10. Dr. Judy Brangman

Dr. Judy Brangman is a board-certified Internal Medicine physician. She is also certified in Lifestyle Medicine and plant-based nutrition. She teaches how to live healthier so that you can live your best life and walk in your purpose. She is mindful of medication interactions and aims to help her patients minimize their medication dependence as much as possible.

11. Dr. Vanessa Mendez, M.D.

Doctor Mendez is a South Florida based, double board-certified gastroenterologist and internist. Her medical interests include disease prevention, nutrition, and digestive disorders. She practices evidence-based medicine and is a proponent of lifestyle changes to promote health and wellness. 

12. Dr. Yami Cazorla-Lancaster

Dr. Yami is a board-certified pediatrician, certified lifestyle medicine physician, certified health and wellness coach, author, and speaker. She is a passionate promoter of healthy lifestyles and a champion of plant-based nutrition for the prevention of chronic disease.

13. Dr. Cresencia Felty

Dr.Felty aims to educate and empower each person to take charge of their health, reduce symptoms of any illness, support the body’s natural ability to heal, and balance the body so that illness is less likely to occur in the future. She does this by way of non-invasive therapies including nutrition, herbal medicine, lifestyle intervention, breathwork, and naturopathic counseling. Dr. Felty is an expert at self-healing and restoring health naturally.

14. Dr. Guy Citrin

Dr. Guy combines innovative integrative modalities with functional, naturopathic, and conventional medicine for the best possible results. He has diverse experience, education, and training, and specializes in treating chronic disease, hormone imbalance, joint pain, gut health, anti-aging, and regenerative medicine. While using food as a medical approach.

15. Dr. Hadar Sophia

Dr. Hadar is one of the leading doctors using functional medicine to create a vibrant glow inside out. She is known to use holistic weight loss, detoxification, graceful aging, and immune support as her forms of healing. She is an expert in providing overall health, wellness, and care to the community.

16. Dr. Sherri Greene

She specializes in solving persistent pain, mystery illness, autoimmune issues. She also is vigilant in finding optimal paths for helping her patients shift into health. She is known to combine the best medical practices with knowledge with complementary therapies, emerging science, and ancient traditions that have stood the test of time.

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