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Top Organic and Permaculture Farms On Instagram

Permaculture Instagram Farmer

When we talk about healthy and sustainable eating in our cooking school, we can’t stress enough, how important it is to understand, where our food comes from. Farmers, who practice organic farming and permaculture, are the people who are carving the healthy future of our planet, doing one of the hardest and most important works in the world.

Since food origin is a global discussion, we will be looking at organic farms that are based all around the world but have their respective Instagram pages in English and capture audiences in their native country and throughout the world as well. They share their farmer’s journey and showcase the nourishing beauty of our planet. If you care about your personal health, and the health of our planet, I would suggest you follow and support these inspiring farmers — believe me, you’ll never think about food the same way again.

To learn more what’s the difference between ethical organic farming and industrial farming, check our documentary series The Origins of Food That Matter

1. Apricot Lane Farms (California, US)

This farm was founded in 2011 by John and Molly Chester, and today spans 214 acres of countryside in Moorpark, California. They regeneratively grow more than 200 varieties of fruits and vegetables, and raise sheep, cows, pigs, chickens, and ducks with care and respect, while working in harmony (or a comfortable level of disharmony) within our dynamic ecosystem. The farm is certified organic, biodynamic, and regenerative organic (ROC). Learn more about their farming practices on their website.

2. Mother The Mountain Farm (Byron Bay, Australia)

This farm is owned by Julia (who is an artist) and Anastasia (who is a fashion student). They are the third generation of a family that cares for the land. A family of shepherds, artists, and gardeners creating and cultivating ~ on an organic farm on Bundjalung country / Byron Bay, Australia. Visit their website to join them on their journey towards self-sustainability as they garden, build, care for animals, create, paint, and sew, and document their steps towards becoming self-sufficient! 

3. Two Brothers Organic Farms (Pune, India)

Also known as TBOF, as the name suggests it is an Organic Farm run by brothers Satyajit & Ajinkya in a lovely village Bhodani near Pune, who produces pure organic fruits, jaggery, honey and breed Indian Indigenous A2 Cows. Their website takes you through all of their products and also gives you a chance to globally order fresh organic products.

4. The Kul Kul Farm (Bali, Indonesia)

The Kul Kul Farm is by Maria and Orin, who are passionate about food grown well, community, and sharing practical skills to design, build, grow, make, and create with nature in mind. The duo works with a team of home gardeners, farmers, educators, permaculture designers, herbalists, cooks, bamboo builders, and entrepreneurs. Together they host farm tours, workshops, retreats, and lunches. Visit their website to learn how to grow seasonal, organic food, herbs, and flowers.

5. The Farm Chennai (Chennai, India)

The Farm today bears witness to decades of loving care, making it an oasis in the midst of the IT corridor of Chennai city run by Arul Futnani. It is a 70-acre integrated farm that was started in 1974. The Farm consists of a dairy (cows & water buffalo), poultry (free-range chicken & turkey), horses, fields (rice, fodder & vegetables), and plantations (coconuts & eucalyptus). Their sole aim is to bring the farm and hospitality together, thereby allowing for alternative sources of income as well as allowing for more people to enjoy the space.

6. Yogarden Organic Farm (O’ahu, Hawaii)

Founded by Paul Izak and Kelly Stern who have a trinity of yoga, gardening, and music. The two operate an organic farm located in Waimanalo Hawaii. Yogarden’s mission is to educate the community on the importance of growing your own food and living a healthy, sustainable lifestyle. Through the principles of yoga philosophy and organic farming techniques, they set a solid foundation for the growth of a conscious community.

7. Carmel Bella Farm (California, US)

The farm is owned by Lisa Canepa who is an organic gardener, plant-based food artist & photographer. She practices organic gardening techniques to produce sustainably farmed produce. This amazing farm is based in California/Idaho. Upon visiting her website you will find that she is a Certified Local Producer, of Heirloom Tomato.

8. Petal Back Farm (Wisconsin, US)

PBF is a small flower farm in Mindoro, Wisconsin. Matt and Maggie live for nature, wild adventures, and simple things. They have turned their tired, conventional crop field into a buzzing heirloom meadow of specialty cut flowers and pollinator prairie. Mostly they use gentle farming practices to bring you healthy, beautiful blooms. On their website, you will find that gardening, herbalism, producing maple syrup, canning/preserving, raising chickens/honeybees, hunting, fishing, foraging are some of the things going on on the farm. 

9. Kasher Organic Farms (Ogun, Nigeria)

Run by the duo, Segun Oluwole, and Adedayo Oluwole, Kasher Organic Farms is a start-up organic farm in Ogun state Nigeria. They are working passionately with Mother Nature and God to contribute to Africa’s agriculture revolution.

10. Kahumana Organic Farms & Cafè (O’ahu, Hawaii)

Kahumana started as a community of people seeking an alternative method to create a holistic world. Since its beginnings in 1974, Kahumana has grown to 5 distinct campuses on over 50 acres in the beautiful Lualualei Valley on the sunny west side of O’ahu. They aspire to celebrate the bounty of Hawaii’s natural and cultural environment while also helping to address some of her most pressing needs. Their website depicts that a balanced, holistic approach is their farm’s goal.

11. Golden Organic Farm (North Carolina, US)

Kendrick Ransome is a 4th generation organic farmer who runs the Golden Organic Farm. The farm offers a more sustainable and healthier choice of fruit, vegetable, and meat products that are grown and harvested in North Carolina. You can shop on the website for organic produce.

12. Emirates Bio Farm (UAE)

Emirates Bio Farm ( EBF) is the largest privately-owned organic farm in the UAE. They supply the UAE with organic locally grown, globally verified fruits and vegetables through the online shop and at all major supermarkets. Their mission is to contribute to the establishment of a secure and sustainable food system that promotes the health of humans and the environment in the UAE and in the global market, and to provide genuine, organic food and services for conscious and healthy living.

13. Yarroway Farm (Karnataka, India)

It’s a biodynamic farm and homestead owned by Anjali & Kabir in Karnataka, India. They are both second-generation organic farmers who believe in sustainability through growing their own food, adapting to the current environment and technologies, and protecting the environment. They grow a holistic range of crops across the year given the temperate weather in the region and ideal soil conditions: grains, millets, pulses, vegetables and greens, fruits, medicinal and culinary herbs, spices, flowers.

​14. A Little Wild Farm (Alberta, Canada)

At this farm, you will meet The Burches. They have 160 acres of land three miles off of the Pembina River in Brazeau County, Alberta, Canada. A visit to their website paints such a vivid picture of the farm. They have a large vegetable garden, a little fruit tree orchard in the making, and a couple of rows of berries starting our own little berry patch. A newly installed greenhouse sits beside all of this facing a little apiary of three hives, with another two hives hiding across the yard.

15. Goranson Farm (Maine, US)

Goranson Farm is a second- and third-generation certified organic vegetable farm, dedicated to providing nutrient-dense food to the local community and stewarding historic farmland on the banks of Merrymeeting Bay. It’s owned and operated by Jan Goranson, Rob Johanson, and their sons Carl and Goran, with superhuman help from their dedicated farm crew. Jan’s father and mother, Everett and Geneva, had farmed high-quality potatoes on this land since the 1960s, and their parents were farmers in northern Aroostook County. For the last 30 years, Jan and Rob have worked to maintain this unique family farm and preserve the irreplaceable open space along the bay.

16. Seeds and Soil Farm (Alaska, US)

Jennifer Sharrock is the founder of Seeds and Soil-ORGANICS located on beautiful Lazy Mountain in Palmer, AK.  From market farming to garden classes the farm provides exceptional service and quality. They produce, seeds, classes, and teas that are handcrafted from decades of experience! Their methodology is focusing on regenerative agriculture and bio-intensive farming practices. Building healthy soil, creating nutritious local food, and saving viable seed is our main goal.

17. Grow a Pear Gardens (Queensland, Australia)

Melissa & Cam own this farm in Queensland Australia. They are embracing permaculture & wildlife in the subtropics, practicing organic farming on Yugambeh land.

18. Tuck’s Garden  (California, US)

Tuck’s garden is an Organic family garden located in Northern California. Specializing in rare hot peppers &
Tomatoes. They also make Homemade hot sauce that is all grown from seed on the farm.

19. Kai Farms (Cavite Philippines)

Kai Farms is a permaculture farm engaged in seed saving and education for sustainability in Silang, Cavite. This makes their produce nutrient-rich and packed with life force!

20. Atitlan Organics (Tzununa, Guatemala)

Atitlan Organics is a productive Permaculture farm in the village of Tzununa, on the shore of Lake Atitlan, Guatemala. Cofounders Shad Qudsi and Colleen Donovan, together with Nicolas Hernandez, the farm manager, have done a marvelous job. They are known for producing the best salads and eggs on the Lake. Beyond that, they also produce seasonal fruits, herbs, chicken, and pork and maintain a very diverse plant nursery and open-pollinated seed collection that is used to disseminate useful indigenous and exotic species throughout the highlands of western Guatemala. From their website, they offer training and education on various aspects of sustainable and organic, small-scale agriculture, via on-farm courses and consulting services.

21. Wa Samaki Permaculture (Trinidad, Trinidad and Tobago)

Wa Samaki Ecosystems located in Trinidad, formerly a citrus estate, now undergoing a Permaculture restoration while producing cut flowers, tropical fish, and indigenous food crops. It offers volunteer opportunities/internships and courses in tropical Permaculture Design. Visit their website for the whole grand tour.

22. Sunshine Farm (Rochester, US)

This small farm is owned by Jenn Ward and her husband Chris Chris. They are plant-based homesteaders, passionate about faith, community, healthy living, and animals of all shapes and sizes! They also have regular full-time office jobs along with running their farm.

23. Tenuta Di Spannocchia (Tuscany, Italy)

Tenuta di Spannocchia is a magical place 20 km from Siena. The main products include heirloom fruits and vegetables for use by their residents and guests of the agritourism, extra virgin olive oil (made from the Tuscan olive varieties Leccino, Pendolino, Frantoio, and Moraiolo), and multi-floral honey produced on-site from our dozen beehives.

24. Haye Farm (East Devon, UK)

Since taking over the farm in 2014, owners Harry, Emily, and their team have been developing vegetables, soft fruit, and herb gardens. A 66-acre mixed organic farm set in the breathtaking rolling hills of East Devon, Haye Farm is tucked away behind the village of Musbury – a wonderful setting easily accessible to the nearby Jurassic Coast.

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