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Top 8 Vegetarian Online Cooking Classes

Top 8 Vegetarian Online Cooking Classes
Top 8 Vegetarian Online Cooking Classes

The year 2020 has taught us a lot about ourselves. One of the biggest lessons is that we need to start taking care of our bodies, and a healthy lifestyle starts with what is on your plate. Another huge lesson that this year has brought us is that we need to learn to cook. Especially when the future of our favorite restaurants remains uncertain, we can no longer rely on the pros to make our meals, and our basic culinary skills aren’t cutting it. So we have put together a list of the top 8 Vegetarian Online Cooking Classes just so that we can help you maintain your healthy vegetarian lifestyle.

1. Healthy Cooking Bootcamp

The best healthy eating tips only work if they become a part of your daily life. Small and easy changes to the way you cook can completely transform the way you eat and feel. Healthy cooking is a stepping stone on the way to all your healthy lifestyle goals. After this 10 day Bootcamp, you’ll be able to apply healthy cooking methods regardless of the diet you choose to follow, your region, and your lifestyle.

2. The Art of Fermented Foods

This is an online course, teaching fermented foods from A to Z, based on fermentation techniques from around the world. You get to learn fermentation techniques that are passed from generation to generation, following traditional knowledge like Lacto- fermentation, without the addition of commercial vinegar or yeast, and with a minimum of ingredients.

3. Beans and Lentils Cooking Class

Top 8 Vegetarian Online Cooking Classes

Legumes are a part of the diet of the longest and healthiest living communities in the world, and not without a reason. The benefits of including beans and lentils in your daily diet are numerous. They are a great inexpensive source of vegetarian and vegan protein, iron, dietary fiber, and vital vitamins. In this course, you learn the most wonderful and unique way of cooking both beans and lentils which makes it easier to include them in your daily meals.

4. Easy Healthy Sugar-Free Desserts

Most times when people think of the word dessert, they automatically relate it to unhealthy sugars, obesity, and sugar-related illnesses. What this class offers is an opportunity to keep losing weight and staying healthy while enjoying our favorite desserts. This course is so different from anything else you will find on the internet not only because of the unique and personally tested recipes that are used in the demonstrations but because you will learn basic principles of healthy sugar-free desserts, and will be able to create them on your own, only limited by your own imagination.

5. Meal Planning, Meal Prep, and Batch Cooking

This is an amazing course to take just to make your life more organized, easier, and aiding in your time management. In this online Masterclass, you will learn how to do basic meal planning for the entire family, and how to eat healthy homemade meals daily, while spending less time in the kitchen. After completing this program you will become confident in the kitchen and will never need to stress about your daily meals again.

6. What to Eat When You Are Pregnant – 95% Plant-Based Meal Plan

The right nutrition during pregnancy is a prerequisite for the healthy development of a baby and for the health of a mother. The most amazing bit about this course is that you learn that you can have a healthy pregnancy without supplements. It teaches you that there are loads of foods and recipes for the health of the baby and the mother giving you a meal plan that will help you provide all the necessary nutrients to your baby, avoid common pregnancy issues and ease postpartum recovery – all thanks to natural food sources.

7. Healthy Snacks Masterclass

In this Online Masterclass, you will learn how to prepare snacks that are made without sugar, gluten, dairy products, and any refined products. Yet, they are sweet and very filling. The beauty is that these are the types of snacks you can really eat a lot of, and never feel bad afterward!

8. Pressure Cooking and Insta Pot Cooking Class

Pressure cooking is the healthiest cooking method, that helps foods retain the highest amount of nutrients. Besides, it’s the fastest cooking method as well, which allows cooking even beans and lentils in less than 10 minutes. Mastering the art of pressure cooking is important for anyone who wants to eat healthily, create delicious wholesome meals, yet has little time to spend on cooking. This is precisely the course to take to save time on all those lovely vegetarian bowls we love to but don’t often make, because the more traditional approach takes too long.

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