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Ayurveda is a kind of treatment that brings people into physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual balance. It starts with an internal purification process, followed by a special diet, herbal remedies, massage therapy, yoga, and meditation. An Ayurvedic doctor or practitioner treats a person, not simply the symptoms that a patient displays. Diet is one of the most important methods Ayurveda doctors use to improve a patient’s health and well-being. Proper eating and good digestion are extremely important so Ayuverdic practitioners have a thorough knowledge of foods, traditional nutrition, and cooking.

In this blog, we have come up with a list of Ayurvedic doctors that are offering excellent services. You can follow their continuous findings in treating any diseases and disorders with ayurvedic treatment on their social media and on their websites.

  1. Dr. Vivek Joshi

Dr. Vivek Joshi is an Ayurvedic Doctor. He strongly believes that food and happiness are the biggest medicines. Dr. Joshi is also a family doctor and provides Beauty and Skincare services. Most of his health tips are shared on his social media and have 1.17M followers on Youtube.

2. Dr. Varalakshmi Yanamandra

Dr. Varalakshmi is an ayurvedic health coach. She helps women who suffer from digestive illness, gut issues & food cravings using transformational health coaching. She believes that keeping our Agni/digestive system in balance is often the first step towards health. As a certified Ayurveda Practitioner, for years she successfully treated people who suffer from Gut Imbalance & chronic pain.

3. Dr. Rekha Radhamony

Dr. Radhamony is a 4th-Gen Ayurvedic Medicine Doctor (BAMS) living between India & Dubai. Growing up in Kerala, she was brought up in a traditional Ayurveda family of Vaidyas and completed her B.A.M.S (Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine & Surgery) degree from Mahatma Gandhi University, India. She helps people live a disease-free life with Ayurveda. Dr. Rekha posts vlogs and health tips on her social media account and Youtube channel. Her topics are Ayurveda, Skin & Hair Care, Weight Loss, Gut Health, Hormones, PCOS & everyday lifestyle!

4. Dr. Shyam VL

Dr. Shyam VL is the Medical Director of Dr. Shyam’s Ayurveda Centre. He operates 6 Ayurveda clinics in Dubai. Dr. Shyam VL has an MD in Ayurveda specialising in Salyathantra from Kerala University, Kerala. In 2019, he was awarded the Ministry of Health Award for his contributions to improve Healthcare in UAE. He is an Ayurveda Consultant at Burjeel Day Surgery Centre. Other companies that he works for as managing director are Back to Roots and Natura Wellbeing.

5. Dr Ravi Dhaliya

Dr. Ravi Dhaliya is a young dynamic expert in Ayurveda. Currently, he is working as an Assistant Professor in Babe Ke Ayurvedic Medical College and Hospital and hospital in Moga, Punjab in the department of Ayurvedic- Toxicology, and Consultant. He has done his BAMS from SKS Sarabha medical col. in Punjab and Masters from KLEU’s Shri BMK Ayurveda med. Col., Karnataka. Dr. Ravi Dhaliya has undergone training at Pappinisseri Visha Chikilsa Kendram for snake bite management at Parsannikadu, Kerala. He has vast experience in treating many chronic and acute illnesses and conducted many free Ayurvedic camps. By integrating Ayurveda treatment principles that were lost, he treats and manages various diseases, toxin-induced disorders, and skin allergic diseases in his own Clinic in Ludhiana. He is a passionate gardener & grows many Ayurvedic herbs.

6. Dr. Aparna Padmanabhan

Dr. Aprana was born into a traditional Ayurveda family of Kerala. She did her Ph.D. at the Institute for Post Graduate Teaching and Research in Ayurveda (IPGT & RA), Gujarat Ayurveda University in India. Dr. Aparna Padmanabhan is known for her dedication, compassion, and commitment towards her science. She strongly believes that the body should be supported to heal itself and Ayurveda is the best way through which the body’s healing energy is triggered.

7. Dr. Ankit Aggarwal

Dr. Ankit Aggarwal BAMS, MD is an Ayurveda practitioner and director of Tulsi Ayurveda Clinic in Dehradun, Uttarakhand, India. Dr. Ankit Aggarwal is an Ayurveda and panchakarma expert, working for society, spreading awareness about Ayurveda and its importance in the daily life. He is also mentoring budding Ayurveda students, promoting the teaching of this ancient science, its values and importance.

8. Dr. Tanuja Gohane

Dr. Tanuja Gohane, BAMS, MD (SCH), is a Doctor at Brahmand Ayurveda. As a treatment for various diseases, Dr. Tanuja has been practicing Yoga with a practical approach. She is spiritually active with yogic practices like meditation, physical postures, and breathing exercises. Her own specialty is to treat various lifestyle disorders with Ayurveda Panchakarma detox therapy and the scientific application of yoga. Being a Rejuvenation expert, Dr. Tanuja Gohane has worked for society to rejuvenate their life physically, mentally, and socially. Her treatment involves the application of Ayurveda and yoga rejuvenation therapy in immunological, endocardial, and psychosomatic diseases.

man doing yoga

9. Dr. Jeethu Ramachandran

Dr. Jeethu is an Ayurvedic Doctor at MOH, Oman, Kuwait, Bahrain. She took Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery (BAMS) at Government Ayurveda Medical College and Hospital in Thiruvananthapuram, India. Dr. Jeethu Ramachandran is a Hormonal Coach that helps to heal female hormonal imbalance. As a Holistic Specialist, she published an E-Book “A Guide to How to Use Veggies During Illness“. It will give you knowledge on how you can use veggies to support health that can be used as the first step in Holistic Living.

10. Dr. Deepa Apte

Dr. Deepa Apte is a fully qualified Indian medical doctor, a qualified Yoga teacher specializing in Hatha Yoga and the Sivananda tradition, and a qualified Ayurvedic Practitioner. She lectures widely on Ayurveda and Yoga in the UK and Germany. In 2013, she was awarded Outstanding Achievements Awards through CAM EXPO: The Biggest Complimentary Health Expo in UK/Europe. As an experienced teacher, Dr. Apte knows both theoretical and practical aspects of Ayurvedic medicine and treatments. She lectures as a guest speaker at OM Yoga Show in London and is the lead lecturer of the Ayurveda Pura Academy.

11. Dr. Aditya Jahagirdar

An Ayurveda Doctor, Lifestyle Consultant, and International Yoga professional and Evaluator, Dr. Aditya Jayant Jahagirdar is a 4th Generation Ayurveda Doctor in the family. He has completed his Post-graduation in Swasthavritta (Preventive and Social Medicine) Ayurveda. An International Yoga Professional and Evaluator, he is certified by the Yoga certification Board, Ministry of AYUSH, Government of India. He specializes in treating diseases with Ayurveda and managing diet and nutrition according to Ayurveda and Modern Science. He is a Doctor at Jahagirdar Ayurveda and owner of Living 150 Well Academy, which provides consultations for Diet and Nutrition, Lifestyle, Yoga, Exercise, Fitness, and healthy living.

spiritualism and yoga

12. Dr. Shivani Sood

Dr. Sood is an Ayurvedic Doctor and Transformational Coach. She wanted to help people heal holistically, and believes that we all have to learn how to express ourselves, take care of our emotions, health and build meaningful relationships. Dr. Shivani is an Ayurveda doctor with 17+ years of work experience. She is actively working in her clinic in India providing 1 on 1 Ayurvedic Consultation. She uses ancient knowledge to heal mental and physical issues of the 21st century.

13. Dr. Nidhi Pandya

Dr. Nidhi Pandya is a 3rd gen Ayurvedic Practitioner. Her Online Course Ayurveda – Demystified and Applied dives deep into the fundamental concepts of Ayurveda. She is also a Digestion Coach who helps women overcome all kinds of Gut Issues naturally. She works with clients in an intimate setting to transform their health, while teaching them to understand their own bodies and become their own doctors.  Dr. Nidhi also studied Naturopathy and Holistic nutrition at the Global College of Natural Medicine. She shares Transformation Programs, Recipes, and Courses on her website.

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14. Dr. Vignesh Devraj

Dr. Vignesh Devraj MD(Ay) is an Ayurvedic Doctor & Holistic Health Coach. He is a 4th generation Ayurvedic healer. He is the founder and chief physician of Sitaram Beach Retreat, Kerala. It is a space for authentic healing and transformation. He is also the Technical Director of Sitaram Ayurveda Pvt. Ltd. His podcast, Ayurvedic Healing, and Beyond is a place for discussing various topics on Natural Healing, Ayurveda, Meditation & Transformation. Dr. Vignesh is a committed practitioner and researcher on Panchakarma, an ancient body purification method that activates the body’s innate healing energies, providing the foundation to true health. His expertise lies in explaining ancient healing concepts and making them more accessible to the modern world. He believes that true health is the foundation of true happiness.

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