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10 Kitchen Essentials for Healthy Eating and Healthy Cooking

Kitchen Essentials

A lot of people think that healthy cooking is all about using healthy ingredients. But, healthy cooking also involves using the right kitchen essentials. There are a few kitchen essentials that can make healthy eating and healthy cooking much easier. Not only these will help you add more good nutrition to your diet, but they will also save you a lot of time and headache in your kitchen.

Pans are what we use to cook our food daily. We use it warm, fry, or make something delicious inside it. So, it is important that we use a high-quality cooking pan when it comes to cooking. One type of pan that we recommend is a Non-stick carbon steel pan. This type of pan has a natural nonstick seasoning layer made from oil, 99% iron and 1% carbon, and without any synthetic coating.

If you want to know more about best quality pans and pots that can make your daily healthy cooking much easier, check out Best Healthy Cooking Pans and Pots, Non-Toxic Materials Explained.


Another important cooking essentials are Knives. Knives are available in a wide variety of different types and sizes. They are used for cutting, chopping, dicing, slicing, mincing, peeling, separating, and other kitchen tasks needed for food preparation. Knives are important as it helps our cooking easier. So, we need to choose the best knife that is perfect for daily use. The best type of knife is made of Stainless Steel. Knives that are not stainless may rust once used in cutting foods with moisture in them. And it is not safe. Materials made of stainless do not rust, making it safe to cut food or anything we eat. It is also made of material that can be sharpened again and again.


A blender is used to puree or crush ice. Use a blender if your final product is something you can drink, drizzle, or dip. And if you foresee yourself using a blender daily, it’s worth investing in a Vitamix. This bender is so much more than just an appliance for smoothies. This one is a game changer!


In addition to pureeing, a food processor can chop vegetables, purée soups, make fresh pesto or salsas, grind nuts, and whip up homemade breadcrumbs in seconds. It can take all the manual effort out of chopping or slicing. The KitchenAid is one high-quality food processor you should invest in if you want to have something that you ca use for many purposes.

Food Processor

A pressure cooker works on a simple principle: steam pressure. A sealed pot, with a lot of steam inside, builds up high pressure, which helps food cook faster. And there are different types and sizes of pressure cookers. In a manual pressure cooker, we usually need to wait for it to heat up, then we add the food and the lid, and let it cook for a certain amount of time, at a certain pressure level.  So if you are into manual pressure cookers, you can check out Fissler.

Manual Pressure Cooker

Another type of pressure cooker is an Electric Pressure Cooker and Multi-Cooker. One famous pressure cooker is the Instant Pot. This is a programmable pressure cooker, which allows you to program your cook time and method. Just throw in your ingredients and enjoy a hot, delicious meal in no time at all. 

Electric Pressure Cooker

A food steamer is a useful and practical kitchen appliance. It is a sealed pot with a set of tiers stacked one on top of each other designed to cook food in the heat of the steam. Using a food steamer may sound simple, but it requires patience and a few cooking hours. Concord is a 3 Tier Steamer Pot that is made of stainless steel. There is a common misconception that a steamer is is multi-layered steamer can do the job easily as it can cook the entire meal in one go. One of the best things that you can invest in on your healthy cooking journey.


Enjoy potatoes, cucumbers, radishes and more veggies in a more presentable way with the use of a Mandoline and Spiralizer. Mandoline allows you to slice much more quickly than with a knife but with great care. 


While a Spiralizer is a tool used to cut vegetables into long ribbons or strips resembling noodles or spaghetti. Both kitchen tools not only helps you cut your fruits and veggies faster, but also makes you food look good and appetizing to the eyes. 


Measuring Cups is a very essential tool in cooking. This helps you measure the right amount of ingredients in your recipe and also helps you know how to portion your food. Hudson Essentials Stainless Steel Measuring Cups is a complete set of measuring cups that is very inexpensive and is a must have in your kitchen . 

Measuring Cups

Storage containers are one of the very important tools in your healthy cooking journey. Food containers are great for saving leftovers and keeping ingredients like chopped veggies fresh.

These glass containers come in different sizes. They are useful for storing foods of all sorts and won’t absorb stains or smells, making them the perfect choice for acidic foods.


A Dutch oven is a heavy cooking pot with a tightly fitting lid. It is actually used for several purposes. A Dutch oven is a great tool for making one-pot, slow-cooked meals like stews, pot roasts, and soups. You can use it either on the stovetop or in the oven, and it’s usually made of cast iron. Of course, Dutch ovens are heavy beasts and they are a little bit pricey.

Dutch Oven
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