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How to Eat Fermented Vegetables for Gut Health Daily (Recipes and Ideas)

You probably know how good fermented foods are for you and for your body and for your health. Fermented foods have been part of the human diet for centuries, and were initially produced as a way to preserve foods, improve flavour and eliminate food toxins. Today, fermented foods are accepted in the medical and scientific communities. They are considered an integral part of any healthy diet. And more people are turning to these superfoods for their potential health benefits. 

These superfoods are very easy to prepare. You can make a jar of your fermented vegetables in minutes and it will last for weeks and even months for you to enjoy. Just store it in your fridge or on your kitchen top and you can eat it anytime you like. 

But how do we actually eat all this fermented foods? 

In this blog, we’ll share with you ways to enjoy fermented foods and hw to make sure that you have this on your daily meal without getting bored of it!

Every time you open a jar of your ferment, what you eat is not just the food itself, but a piece of history and culture behind it. Fermented foods are one of the most ancient foods that are still consumed by many people these days. Some examples are the famous sauerkraut and kimchi. Many foods have historically undergone fermentation, including meat and fish, dairy, vegetables, soybeans, other legumes, cereals, and fruits. As we look back, the main reason why these foods are fermented is preservation. Fermenting will also preserve all the nutrients and vitamins that the food has to offer.

1. Fermented Salad

One of the ways on how you can eat your ferments is to simply scoop it out of the jar and eat it. But not everyone would enjoy eating a particular vegetable on salt. So what you can do is to create a fermented salad. You can add variety of vegetables of your choice, ferment it and make a huge jar of fermented salad that you can enjoy. You may add variety of spices, herbs or of fresh herbs to make you ferment more tasty. And if you love eating salad, you can just add your fermented  zucchinis and carrots to add a kick of flavor. You can use the brine on as your salad dressing too!

2. Put them on top of your Dishes

Another way to enjoy your superfoods daily is to put them on top of your dishes. Not only it will help you consume your ferments daily but it will also take your dishes to the next level, making them more appetizing and colorful. 

3. Add it to Soups

The most traditional way of eating your ferments is to add them to your soups. One example is a classic eastern European dish Borscht which is made with beetroots as one of the main ingredients, cabbage and is based on meat broth. Traditionally, they will add people add a lot of Sauerkraut to the soup. But it is important to remember that when we add our ferments to the soup, make sure not to boil it. This way, you’ll be able to prevent the heat from killing all the probiotic benefits and nutrients from your fermented food. This is also a great way to consume your brine. You may use it on your soup as a replacement of apple cider or lemon juice. 

4. Sandwiches

Another great way to eat fermented foods is to put them in different sandwiches and wraps. Some examples are burritos with pickled jalapenos or sandwiches where they put pickles in it. 

5. Fermented Sauces

Turning your fermented food into sauces is also a great way to enjoy your superfood. Actually, mayonnaise, ketchup and mustard are some examples of sauces that were traditionally made from fermented veggies. So what you can actually do is to take your fermented veggies, process it in a blender and make a your sauce or dip that is ready to eat with you bread or any other dish.

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