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Virtual Healthy Cooking School

Online courses about food, cooking, nutrition and healthy eating.
Know what’s best for your belly and learn new skills from experts from all corners of the world. Unleash the world of culinary wellness and make it an integral part of your daily life.

We teach healthy traditional cooking in modern kitchens.
Our courses cover all main principles of healthy eating:

Sugar-Free and
Unprocessed Foods

Learn how to make cakes without sugar, how to prepare healthy snacks and how to cook without any refined products at home

Fermented Foods, Drinks and Sourdough

Traditional and nutrition experts confirm that fermented foods should be a part of any healthy diet. Learn fermentation from traditional cooks

Spices and Herbs
for Flavour and Health

Spices and herbs are not just flavour boosters, but also powerful natural dietary supplements. Learn how to use them daily

Natural Plant-Based Superfoods

Traditionally, superfoods have been a part of our daily meals. Learn how to cook beans and lentils, grow microgreens or make tempeh

kitchen of healthy cooking class

We Teach Cooking Skills
and Build Healthy Habits

Our classes teach a wide range of cooking techniques, from healthy cooking basics to advanced fermentation methods and cheese-making. Our students get all the necessary knowledge and skills to make healthy eating an integral and enjoyable part of their daily lives. If you are an experienced cook already, take a look at our advanced cooking classes, taught by traditional chefs.

Our Work is Inspired
by Traditional Cuisines,
Backed by Nutrition Science

The longest living communities in the world follow the traditional way of eating (and living). A big part of our work is dedicated to the research of traditional foods and preparation methods.  Happy Bellyfish courses are taught by the team of professional chefs, traditional cooks, nutritionists and even farmers. 

healthy fermented vegetables in a jar


"Once again Anastasia and Srikant are explaining in incredibly light but detailed way important things about healthy (and delicious) cooking! I really enjoyed their healthy cooking bootcamp and already putting into practice some of their great knowledge and tips I acquired there that make cooking more easy and fun. It's so helpful to have all this information about healthy eating at one place, since it's the knowledge they collected over years."
"When I came across the Happy Bellyfish course I was pretty much surprised to not only find new ideas and interesting recipes, but also a solid foundation for a great deal of future creations. All recipes are explained very well, videos are brief nonetheless more than enough not to make one single mistake, the structure of the course makes a lot of sense and is comprehensive. I definitely recommend it."
To my understanding, there are two ways to consume wine; 1) drink and 2) enjoy. This course, most appropriately falls in the category, that teaches you, how to to enjoy the wine of your interest and beyond. Now, when I visit supermarket to buy grocery I make sure that I go to wine section and read / check label and co-relate with what I have learnt in the course. It has changed the way I look at the wine bottles."


How healthy are you eating already? Find out how healthy your diet is and get personalized recommendations.