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About Happy Bellyfish

Happy Bellyfish is a team of food and nutrition experts who make healthy food choices easy. We offer online courses and live cooking classes that can help you improve your health, loose weight or simply learn new cooking skills. We make healthy eating and cooking easy and provide you unbiased information about food, based on centuries-old traditional knowledge.

Our offers are 90% plant-based, however, we believe that there is no universal diet that suits everyone. What is right for your health depends on where you live, your personal body type and other factors. Our programmes are based on traditional diets and scientific knowledge and are praised for their high quality.

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Founders of Happy Bellyfish

 Anastasia Sharova, CEO & Founder

At the beginning of her professional career, Anastasia was working in international development. Work brought her closer to local communities, their lands and their cuisines. While traveling and researching, she realized that the way we produce and consume food impacts not only our individual health, but also our environment and our future. She founded Happy Bellyfish with a mission to make healthy food choices easy for everyone.
Anastasia is certified in Ayurvedic nutrition,  she is a yoga and a health activist. Prior to founding Happy Bellyfish Anastasia was leading Product and Marketing in the educational online marketplace. After living in four countries, she found her base in Germany.

Srikant Singh, Brand Chef & Co-Founder

Srikant grew up in India, the country, where good food is almost a cult, and abundance of biodiversity is unmatchable. His grandparents were farmers in a remote part of the country, and his memories of generous mango and lychee trees, bending under the weight of fruit, are still vivid.
By the time Srikant turned 15 he had traveled throughout kitchens in entire South and East of India, assisting his mother with cooking, while she was learning local cuisines. Since then he moved all around the world, always keeping two items in his suitcase: his pressure cooker and a spice box. Srikant ran a successful Supper Club in Berlin, where he transformed local ingredients with Indian spices and now he is teaching the art of Indian cuisine and spices in Germany and in Russia.