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“The discovery of a new dish confers more happiness on humanity than the discovery of a new star”.

– Jean Anthleme Brillat-Savarin

About Happy Bellyfish

Happy Bellyfish makes finding and booking cooking classes and food tours in any corner of the world simple, safe, and convenient.

Happy Bellyfish was born out of love and respect for food, cultures, environment and happy bellies. There are numerous talented chefs, amateur cooks, local food producers, farmers and food guides who possess unique cooking skills and knowledge of local cuisines. Unfortunately, finding them and reaching out isn’t easy – even in your own city!

This is why we created Happy Bellyfish – the service, which will help foods and cooks to be discovered and will keep unique traditional knowledge from slipping away.

Founders and Story of Happy Bellyfish

 Anastasia Sharova

Anastasia’s connection with healthy food and traditional diets comes from her family. Since her childhood, discussions about nutrition, regional produce and traditional foods were a usual affair at the dining table. She grew up in Russia, surrounded by diverse foods from nearby regions and her family garden, and saw how eating habits of entire generations were changing over time.
At the beginning of her professional career, Anastasia was working in international development. Work and life took her places and brought her closer to local communities, their lands and their cuisines. While traveling and researching, she realized that the way we produce and consume food impacts not only our individual health, but our cultures, our environment, and our future.
Prior to founding Happy Bellyfish Anastasia was leading Product and Marketing in the educational online marketplace. After living in four countries, she found her base in Germany.

Srikant Singh

Srikant grew up in India, the country, where good food is almost a cult, and abundance of biodiversity is unmatchable. His grandparents were farmers in a remote part of the country, and his memories of generous mango and lychee trees, bending under the weight of fruit, are still vivid. His mother has been a passionate cook, famous for her culinary talents, and every night he was eagerly assisting her in the kitchen, seeing how local ingredients were turned into delicious dishes.
Srikant’s work as IT Consultant gave him an opportunity to live in different parts of India, and later all around the world. Wherever he went he carried his spice box, and eagerly experimented with local ingredients, be it South Africa or New Zealand. His passion for great food turned him in to a hobby chef and one day he found himself in Johannesburg, running his own Supper Club, and later leading cooking classes in Germany.

Creation of Happy Bellyfish

When Anastasia and Srikant met, her interest in healthy and sustainable food, and his passion for delicious dishes and quality ingredients grew into a much bigger idea. Both were professionals in IT and digital products at that time, and they realized that they can bring their professional skills and passions together to create a great service for food enthusiasts alike. They created Happy Bellyfish to make it easier to learn about food and cooking from cuisines all around the world, and to promote understanding of our cultures and environment through food.

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