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About Happy Bellyfish

Happy Bellyfish is an online healthy cooking school, inspired by traditional cuisines and modern nutrition science. We are a team of researchers and cooks whose mission is to make healthy eating easy.

We study traditional and science-based nutrition and make this knowledge easily applicable in daily life, in regular kitchens. We offer online cooking classes that can help you improve your health, loose weight and learn vital cooking skills. Most importantly, our online classes teach to save time without compromising on healthy eating habits and delicious food.

Our Food Philosophy

All our experts come from different regions and represent diverse cultural backgrounds. Our offers are 90% plant-based, however, we believe that there is no universal diet that suits everyone. What is right for your health depends on where you live, your personal body type,  your lifestyle, your age and many other factors. We do our best to provide you unbiased information about food and nutrition and bring it to your kitchen through our online programmes.

Our Instructors

Our Instructors are not just the experts in their own niche. They are also people who follow what they teach in their lives, every single day. They are practitioners and they generously share their skills that can be applied in ordinary kitchens, where cooking is not merely a hobby, but a necessity.

Mirna Bamieh

Palestine / Lebanon

Expertise: Fermented Foods, Middle Eastern Cuisine, Food Art

Courses: The Art of Fermented Foods

Dr. Shivani Sood


Expertise: Ayurveda, Healthy Nutrition, Ayurvedic Western and Indian Diets

Courses:  Ayurvedic Diet

Ewa Fournier le Ray


Expertise: French Cuisine, Mediterranean Cuisine, Cooking with Herbs

Courses: Mediterranean Herbs Masterclass

Svetlana Kasparova Ruiz

Switzerland / Spain

Expertise: Wine

Courses: Introductory Wine Course

Alla Poliakova


Expertise: Traditional Russian Cuisine

Courses: Forgotten Foods of Sibieria

Srikant Singh

India / Germany

Expertise: Healthy Indian cuisine, Spices

Courses: The Mastery of Spices , Beans and Lentils: Cooking Secrets

Anastasia Sharova

Russia / Germany

Expertise: Healthy Cooking Basics, Healthy Sweets, Healthy Baking, Sugar-free Lifestyle

Courses: Healthy Cooking Bootcamp, Easy Healthy Sugar-free Desserts, 7 Day Sugar Detox, Pregnancy Meal Plan 

Dominique Mannel

South Africa

Expertise: Child Nutrition

Courses: Food for Children

Natasha Borkowski

Indonesia / Serbia / Austria

Expertise: Kombucha, Kefir, Vinegar

Courses: Kombucha Made Easy Masterclass

Our Story

Hi, we are Anastasia and Srikant, the founders of Happy Bellyfish. We believe that good food is the key to great health and the source for many happy moments in live. Through our school we want to make basic nutrition knowledge and healthy cooking skills easily applicable for everyone, in their daily lives.
We come from countries with strong culinary traditions (India and Russia) and from families of passionate cooks. Before we founded Happy Bellyfish we were running a Supper Club and live cooking classes in Germany, featuring traditional cooking practices from our countries. Our guests were amazed, but every time they asked us the same question: how to use all this knowledge in their own kitchens, when they have neither time nor professional equipment?
We knew first hand that the secret lies in the right skills and basic nutrition knowledge. Cooking has not been our first profession and has only been one part of our lives. Srikant is a tech geek and a photographer. Anastasia is an entrepreneur, a researcher and a writer. We are parents, yoga practitioners and travellers. But despite our busy lifestyle we don’t want to compromise our health and delicious family dinners.
On Happy Bellyfish we collaborate with experts on cooking, food and nutrition. We structure the overwhelming amount of information and deliver it to you through interactive videos, tutorials, lectures etc. Our main goal is to make healthy and delicious nutrition easy for you and your family!

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