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Anastasia Sharova

Plant-Based and Traditional Foods Chef, Founder of Happy Bellyfish

Anastasia Sharova

Anastasia Sharova is the founder of Happy Bellyfish Cooking School,  a certified plant-based Chef, also certified in Ayurvedic nutrition, and a researcher of the world’s traditional cuisines. 

In her culinary practice, Anastasia focuses on wellness nutrition, natural superfoods, sugar-free desserts and fermented foods. She is the co-creator of the signature fermentation course The Art of Fermented FoodsShe comes from a culture, where homemade fermented foods are a part of daily life. She then studied fermentation from the traditional cooks in Russia, Germany and India, as well as with Chef Mirna Bamieh. 

Anastasia is also the creator of the short documentary series The Origins of Food That Matter.

Anastasia Sharova will be the host of the Summit. She will also be hosting a cooking workshops on the 24th :

(1) Ancient Fermented Drinks of Russia

(2) Traditional Superfood Porridge of Caucasus Mountains