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Contribution guidelines

If you have a great traditional recipe to share, that also happens to be healthy and vegetarian, feel free to send it over to We are also open to publishing stories about traditional healthy foods, as well as guest articles from the professionals in the field of nutrition. If it goes in line with our food philosophy and contribution guidelines, we’ll be more than happy to share it with our community of healthy eaters and healthy cooks.

Here are the general guidelines for your reference:

  • If you submit a recipe, it should be accompanied by a high-quality picture of the ready dish
  • All recipes have to be vegetarian or vegan, and should not use any processed or ready-made ingredients, i.e. sauces, stock etc. It has to be prepared from scratch. Recipes should not contain processed sugar and refined (white) flour
  • Each recipe needs to have a small description of the dish, a least 3-5 sentences
  • If you submit a food story or a nutrition article, the minimum word count is 700 words. A recipe doesn’t have a minimum word count
  • If the recipe was published elsewhere, the description should be modified. All other articles have to be unique
  • Overly promotional articles will not be accepted
  • In the text of the article, please only add links to trusted resources for reference. You can add links to your website and social media in your bio, which will be published along with your submission
  • With your submission, please send your short bio with the relevant links to your website and social media profiles. The bio should not be longer than 3 sentences
  • Please make sure that your article is well written and doesn’t have any typos. We might also do minor editing of your submission before publishing


We do our best to reply to everyone who submits an article, even if we decide not to go ahead and publish it. However, at times the amount of submissions is overwhelming. If you don’t hear from us within 2 weeks, then we won’t be able to publish your article and feel free to publish it elsewhere.