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Emily Mascarenhas

Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach
Founder of Blooming and Glowing

Emily Mascarenhas

Emily Mascarenhas is a certified Integrative Nutrition coach, essential oils specialist, and the founder of Blooming and Glowing

As a health coach and a wellness influencer, Emily is passionate about empowering others on a wellness journey, using the tools that nature has provided and sharing this message with thousands of other women, men, and families.

During the Summit Emily Mscarenhas will be hosting a session on the 23rd of September at 11 AM (EST):

Essential Oils in Recipes, Ancient Traditions in the Modern Kitchen

The tradition of using essential oils is ancient dating back thousands of years. Essential oils are not just for the bathroom or the diffuser, certain oils can also provide a healthy vibrant and flavourful boost when used in the kitchen allowing you to connect on a deeper level with your body and your food. Essential oils invite you with their vibrant nourishing energy to “rewild” your senses and your plate. 

Join Emily Mascarenhas for an online masterclass where you will learn her top tips on how to easily and safely incorporate essential oils into your cooking with some recipes to inspire which can be easily recreated at home.

Emily prepared a generous gift for all summit participants, who are interested in essential oils: a free kitchen oils bundle along with an e-book for cooking with essential oils. To claim your bundle, please fill in this form