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Healthy Eating Summit

Virtual Summit 
March 22-25, 2022

Top nutritionists, medical doctors, and wellness experts will answer all your burning questions about healthy eating 

Healthy eating is the most important lifestyle change you can make for your healthiest and happiest self. The right food choices can prevent chronic disease, slow down aging, affect your mental health and, literally, change your life. If you have children, healthy eating habits that you teach early on, will serve them their entire life.

“When the diet is wrong medicine is of no use,
when the diet is correct medicine is of no need.”

It can be overwhelming to understand what healthy eating really is. A lot of contradictory advice is available online, with many reputed experts taking opposite stands. At times, reading healthy eating tips leads to more questions rather than answers. 

During the Healthy Eating Virtual Summit, you’ll be able to ask all your questions to the top experts in the field of nutrition and general health, personally. 

The Summit will take place over 4 days. Each day will be dedicated to a particular topic, related to healthy eating and health-supportive diets.

Day 1, March 22 (Tuesday)

Healthy eating, weight loss and healthy gut.
On the first day of the Summit we'll focus on gut health, on healthy ways to loose weight,
and we'll discuss advantages and risks of popular diets. During the sessions you'll be able to understand, how healthy eating should actually look like for you, and your personal body needs.

Day 2, March 23 (Wednesday)

Healthy eating, aging and disease prevention.
The needs of our bodies change with age, and if we address them appropriately
with the way we eat, and other necessary lifestyle changes, it's possible to slow-down aging and prevent the development of serious deseases.

Day 3, March 24 (Thursday)

Healthy eating for kids.
Good nutrition is crucial for the growth and development of healthy children.
If we feed our kids right, and teach them good eating habits, it will serve them their entire life.
Together with kids nutritionists we'll discuss what healthy eating for kids really means,
and how we can feed the best of food even to the pickiest of eaters.

Day 4, March 25 (Friday)

Healthy eating habits, motivation and routines.
Now that you learned so much about what's the right way to eat healthy,
it's time to put it into practice! On the 4th day of the Summit we'll focus on how to actually make healthy eating a daily habit.


The Summit Speakers are renowned experts in their fields: nutritionists, doctors, holistic practitioners, health coaches and wellness chefs.

Dr. Arlene Dijamco

Dr. Arlene Dijamco

The MultiDimensional MD, Integrative physician, pediatrician, and cranial osteopath

Food for your Soul: The Multi-Dimensional Aspects of Food and Drink

Paula Doebrich

Paula Doebrich

Registered Dietitian Nutritionist,
Master of Public Health

Nutrigenomics - the future of personalized nutrition that can help prevent disease development and aid weight management.

Ifeyinwa Omesiete

Ifeyinwa Omesiete

Pediatric Nutritionist

Boosting Kids Immunity

Bill Bradley

Bill Bradley

Registered Dietitian, Cookbook Author, Mediterranean Diet Expert

Living a Long and Passionate life: How the Mediterranean Diet can lead to Longevity and Happiness.

Valerie Cacho

Dr. Valerie Cacho

Board Certified Internal Medicine
and Sleep Medicine Physician

Sleep Essentials, Expert Sleep Tips for Optimizing Nutrition and Weight

Stacey Woodson

Stacey Woodson

Registered Dietitian Nutritionist
Children’s Books Author

Building Healthy Eating Habits for Kids, and How to Feed Picky Eaters

Lara Days

Certified Nutrition Coach
Personal Trainer and Sports Nutritionist

How much Food do we actually need to be Eating?

Sandy Younan Brikho

Sandy Younan Brikho

Registered Dietitian Nutritionist
Weight Loss Specialist

Why don’t popular diets like Keto and Paleo for weight loss work? Or do they?

Dr. Elizabeth Rogers

Dr. Elizabeth Rodgers

PhD, Epidemiologist, Medical Intuitive
Holistic Health Practitioner

Using the Power of Food to Slow Aging and Prevent Chronic Disease Development

Victoria Coglianese, RD

Victoria Coglianese, RD

Functional Medicine Dietitian

The 4 Method: A Sustainable Approach to a
Healthier Metabolism, Gut & Beyond

Marissa Perotta

Marissa Perrotta

Registered Yoga Teacher with the Yoga Alliance

Family Nutrition and Meal Time Strategies

Aubrey Phelps

Aubrey Phelps

Registered Functional Dietitian
Certified Lactation Counselor

Division of Responsibility and Responsive Feeding

Srikant Singh

Srikant Singh

Certified Tiny Habits and Nutrition Coach

Healthy Eating Habits: Where Do You Even Begin?



($99 $67 until 25.03.2022)


This Virtual Summit is for everyone who realises the importance of good health, strong immune system, and wants to take the responsibility for the way they feel every single day. Our Summit will give you tools and information, which will make healthy eating less overwhelming and will help you develop healthy eating habits for life. 

Here are the INCREDIBLE bonuses that you’ll receive
from our speakers if you purchase an All-Access-Pass:

Bonus #1: 6-Week Nutrition Course
“What the F*ck Should I Eat?” with Lara Days

($97 VALUE)

At the end of six weeks, you’ll understand:
Digestion and the importance of eating slowly
Why protein, carbs, fats, and micronutrients are so important, where we get them, and how to incorporate them into your diet
What hydration is, why it’s so important, and how much water you should be drinking

Bonus #2: Gut-Healing Sauerkraut Masterclass
with Mirna Bamieh

($49 VALUE)

Mirna Bamieh, a celebrity fermentation chef, teaches how to make traditional, gut-healing Sauerkraut, with different flavour combinations. The Masterclass is pre-recorded, and you can take it at your own pace.

Bonus #3: 30 Metabolic Health Recipes by Victoria Coglianese (e-Book)

($19 VALUE)

An e-book containing signature recipes by Victoria Coglianese, which support your metabolic system

Bonus #4: Recipes to Boost Immunity by Ifeyinwa Omesiete (e-Book)

($19 VALUE)

An e-book with delicious and simple recipes by Ifeyinwa Omesiete, which were designed specifically to boost and support your immune system.

Bonus #5: Healthy Nutrition Activity Pages for Kids by Stacey Woodson (Printables)

($19 VALUE)

What’s the best way to teach kids healthy habits? Of course, through play! These activity book pages are a must for any health-conscious parent.

When you purchase an All-Access-Pass, you’ll receive all these incredible bonuses absolutely for free, included in your pass, along with the long/term access to the Summit recordings. Until the Summit ends (March, 25, 2022) you can purchase your pass for a symbolic price of $67 (instead of full precise $99)


  1. When will the LIVE sessions take place, at what time, and in which time zone?
    The live sessions will be taking place in a private Happy Bellyfish community, between 8:30 AM and 13:30 PM (New York time). The duration of the summit is 4 days, starting on the 22nd of March (Tuesday), and ending on the 25th of March (Friday)
  2. What if I can’t make it to a live session? Will I have access to the recordings of the summit?
    All participants will be able to watch the recordings within 24 hours after the live session ends.
    If you’d like to have lifetime access to the recording, as well as AMAZING bonuses from Happy Bellyfish and our partners, you can purchase our All-Access-Pass for just $67 (offered at 50% discount ONLY before the summit starts!)
  3. How will I be able to join the live sessions?
    Once you register for the Summit, you’ll receive access to the Summit dashboard right away. On the dashboard, you’ll find the schedule of the sessions, and the streaming links. Every day of the summit we’ll also send you session reminders per email to make sure that you don’t miss the live events you wanted to attend.
  4. Is the summit really FREE?
    Yes, participation in the live sessions is absolutely free, as well as 24-hour access to the summit sessions recording.
    If you’d like to have lifetime access to the recording, as well as bonuses from our partners, you can purchase our All-Access-Pass for just $67 (offered at 50% discount ONLY before the summit starts!)

    *with the free pass you get access to the live sessions and the recordings for 24 hours after the session ends. You can later upgrade to the all-access pass, which grants you lifetime access to the recordings of the summit and bonuses of our partner