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Kaori Yamaguchi

Japanese food & tradition instructor
Founder of Wa + Sabi

Kaori Yamaguchi is a Japanese food & tradition instructor and the founder of Wa + Sabi.
Being brought up in an international environment since childhood, it was only natural for her to discover her passion for Japanese culture and tradition, to go back to studying about the history of Japan in a university in Kyoto.
+Of what she believes = the beauty and significance in the Japanese tradition and culture
+Of what she loves = cooking healthy dishes with Japanese ingredients and making Japanese homemade preserves
+Of what she’s studied = the Japanese history, culture and tradition
All that put together evolved to her long-time mission; to share the beauty and significance of Japan through their food culture and cooking.
Ever since, Kaori has been offering Japanese food and cooking workshops to expats and visitors to Japan, while always exploring other approaches to execute her mission.