Karla Delgado - Online Cooking Classes
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Karla Delgado

Organic and Permaculture Farmer, Founder of Kai Farms in
Silang, Philippines

Karla Delgado

Karla is an “earth leader” of Kai Farms, a permaculture farm in Silang, Cavite. She came to farming after a long career as a writer and journalist. Karla Delgado brings people care and planet care to the heart of their initiatives at Kai Farms. Making life healed, whole and green. Kai Farms manifests an abundance of wellness for all through healing retreats and seminars, permaculture farming, seed saving and sharing, grow your own food workshops, gut health talks, food demos and tastings. You can learn more about the unique concept of Kai Farms and Karla’s work on their website

During the Summit Karla will be hosting a session and a cooking workshop on 26th of September, at 8 AM (EST):

Medicinal Gardens and Forests. Preparing a Healing Mung Bean Soup with Ginger and Turmeric