How to Cook Asparagus – Asparagus Recipe Stir Fry

Asparagus is a delicious vegetable with a lot of health benefits. If you don’t know how to cook asparagus, don’t worry, this product is amazingly versatile, so you can find a way you like. You can boil or grill asparagus, eat it seamed with a sauce or just use it raw thinly sliced for a salad. Otherwise you can use our favourite easy and delicious asparagus recipe. It features other colorful vegetables (you can use whatever is in season) and of course some delicious spices to give a unique flavour to this spring dish.


  • green asparagus – 300 gr
  • carrots – 2
  • fresh potatoes – 3-4
  • ginger
  • fennel seeds – 2 tsp
  • oregano – 1 tsp
  • salt
  • black pepper
  • olive oil


Step 1. Start with peeling the carrots, then dice them into chunks. Don’t make the carrot pieces too big or too small, they should be equivalent to the size of asparagus.

Step 2. Get rid of the hard (white) part of asparagus, and cut the green part into pieces of equal size.

Step 3. If you use young organic potatoes, just cut them in similar size chunks with the skin, otherwise peel them before cutting.

Step 4. Peel and cut a little piece of ginger (2-3 cm) into small pieces.

Step 5. Put 2 spoons of olive oil in a big pan, add the ginger and wait for the oil to warm up. Add 2-3 spoons of fennel seeds (if you don’t like the taste of fennel you can use cumin), give it a nice stir. Add the chopped vegetables, mix it well. After that reduce the temperature, cover the pan with the lid and let it cook for about 15-20 minutes.

Step 6. When your vegetables are almost cooked, give it one more mix and add the final spices: 1 tsp of oregano, salt for your taste and freshly ground black pepper. Mix it once again and your colorful spring dish is ready!

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