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Gajar ka Halwa (healthy carrot pudding)


  • carrots – x6 medium-sized
  • ghee (purified butter) – x1 tbsp
  • cardamom – x6 pods
  • full fat milk – x1/2 l
  • soft dates – x1 cup
  • you can substitute dates with 3 tbsp of jaggery, which is solidified sugar cane or palm sugar
  • cashews and almonds – a handful


Step 1. Grate carrots coarsely.

Step 2. Add ghee and cardamom to a pot. 

Step 3. Add grated carrots and stir for a minute or two, ensuring that carrot has been smeared with the ghee. 

Step 4. Add chopped dates or jaggery. 

Step 5. Add milk so that it just covers the carrots and cook for 15 minutes, or until carrots are cooked. 

Step 6. Serve hot, garnished with coarsely chopped almonds and cashews.   This delicious treat is best enjoyed with kulfi or a scoop of vanilla ice cream!  

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