Leftover Rice Recipe, Indian Style (Vegan and Vegetarian friendly)

What to do with leftover rice? Try out our delicious recipe, which is suitable for vegans and vegetarians. Srikant from Happy Bellyfish is sharing his simple recipe where he uses Indian spices, like turmeric, curry leaf, mustard seeds and more. The use of spices ensures that the dish is not just extremely flavourful, but also nutrient-rich, and that it’s easy to digest. You can also add any favourite vegetables to this dish, and explore the infinite amount of flavours you can create with leftover rice.


– 2 cups boiled rice

– 1 tsp of black mustard seeds

– 1 tbsp curry leaves

– 2 dried red chillies

– 1 tsp turmeric

– salt to taste

– 1 large onion

– 2 medium carrots (you can also add other vegetables

– 1/2 cup chopped spring onions or any other herbs of choice

– juice of 1/2 lemon

– ghee or oil for cooking


1. Heat some oil in a pan, on medium to high heat.

2. Add mustard seeds, curry leaves and dried chillies to a pan. 

3. When the mustard seeds start to crackle, add the onions and carrots, and cook it for a little while, until the onions become slightly transparent. It will take about 3-4 minutes. 

4. Add the leftover rice to the pan and mix everything nicely, so that vegetables and spices are spread evenly.  

5. Add turmeric and salt, mix everything nicely.

 6. At the very end, add spring onions or any other herbs, if using. Cook for a couple more minutes. 

7. Add the lemon juice, just before serving. Serve hot.

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