Lemon Pickle | Preserved Lemons (Indian style recipe)

This delicious (and ridiculously easy to make) recipe for lemon pickle comes from the eastern part of India, and similar methods to preserve lemons are also used in Morocco. All you need is salt and lemons (always go for organic ones with the edible skin if possible), and a little bit of patience. The lemons rich its best taste after two months, but can be eaten earlier as well. They are salty and sauer in taste, with a unique tangy flavour, and can be eaten on a side of literally any dish! You can even simply eat it with bread and it will make a delicious snack. Besides, it is a powerful boost for your appetite and metabolism.


  • lemons
  • himalayan pink salt or sea salt (it is very important not to use iodised salt, it will not ferment properly)


Step 1. Grind the himalayan pink salt or sea salt.

Step 2. Grate lemon zest. Don’t cut the lemons, you need the whole ones but without skin.

Step 3. Put your lemons in a big bowl and start adding salt. Mix it well with the lemons.

Step 4. Put your lemons in a glass jar with more salt. Close the jar tightly and shake it.

Step 5. Shake the jar every few days, so that lemons get covered in its own juice. Your delicious lemon pickle is ready in two months!

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