Authentic Indian Masala Chai Recipe

Making the real Indian masala chai is a real art. No cup of tea will ever taste the same to you when you try to eat in different houses and food joints. There are a few secrets to the best Indian masala chai, and each cook will have his own. Today, in a free Masterclass, our Spice Guru Srikant reveals his own secrets, that have not been ever shared before (yes, it’s the same Srikant that teaches The Mastery of Spices and Beans and Lentils Masterclass).

After watching this video, you will not only learn the secrets of preparing a perfect cup of masala chai but will also learn to make your own spice mix.


– 2 cups of water
– 1 cup of milk
– 4 tsp of black tea
– 2 tsp of jaggery/sugar (or honey to taste)
– black pepper (1 tsp)
– cardamom (4 pods)
– clove (4 pods)- grated ginger (2 tsp)

  • cinnamon (2 cm long stick)


Step 1. Take all the spices and grind them nicely, best of all with a stone grinder. Grate the ginger.

Step 2. Add water into a pot, add the ground spice and bring the water to boil.

Step 3. Add tea and jaggery/sugar and boil for another 2-3 minutes.

Step 4. Add milk, bring it to boil, lower the flame, and boil for at least 10 more minutes. The longer you boil it, the thicker it will be.

Step 5. Put your chai in the cups through a strainer.

Enjoy! Masala chai tastes best on a cold rainy day!

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3 thoughts on “Authentic Indian Masala Chai Recipe”

  1. Hello. I would like to know where I can acquire traditional masala chai-making equipment, including the stone spice grinder used by Srikant in the instructional video. Also, can you recommend a good quality organic jaggery brand? Thank you.