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Non-alcoholic Mulled Wine (Kids Christmas Punch)

Non Alcoholic Mulled Wine

A Mulled Wine, also known as the Glühwein recipe is made traditionally made with an alcoholic red wine, spices and fruit such as oranges. It is a German/Austrian winter holiday drink that is served warm. The German term Glühwein literally translates to glow-wine, because of how you feel after you’ve been drinking tiny mugs of it during the holidays.

But in this recipe, we will show you how to create an alcohol-free mulled wine. Instead of using alcohol or red wine, we will replace it with fruits, like fresh orange juice! This is recipe is very easy to make at home, tastes like a real red wine and is perfect for those who don’t drink alcohol. This non-alcoholic mulled wine is also perfect for kids!

Mulled Wine (Glühwein) Classic Recipe with the Best Spice Mix

Cuisine: GermanDifficulty: Easy


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This non -alcoholic mulled wine, made with berries and spices, tastes like real wine. You can share this with your kids and enjoy it during the holidays!


  • Hot water

  • 1/4 cinnamon stick

  • Frozen Berries

  • 1 orange

  • Cloves

  • Aronia Berries (optional)


  • First, add defrosted frozen berries to a carafe or mug.
  • Then, add a quarter of cinnamon stick and some cloves in a small bag. This is used to easily get the cloves out. Put it inside the carafe.
  • Add some orange zest and orange juice. You can also add sweeteners depending on which you prefer.
  • After that, fill the carafe with hot water and let all the ingredients settle down for 30 minutes.
  • Lastly, add few pieces of Aronia berries (optional). Serve hot in mugs or glasses and enjoy with your kids!

Recipe Video

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