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Apple Halwa: Easy Warm Apple Dessert

Apple Halwa: Easy Warm Apple Dessert

There are so many amazing sweet dishes you can make with apples, but very few people know about this version of a famous Indian dessert – apple halwa. It is usually enjoyed warm, which makes it a great comfort food – not to mention how easy it is to prepare! Cardamom and cumin seeds in combination with apples create a very addictive flavour, but luckily it is not a type of dessert you should be afraid of. If it is available – make sure you use jaggery, and not any other sweetener, as only then it will get a beautiful caramel kind of taste.

    • apples (sweet and sour in taste) – 4 medium-sized
    • green cardamom – 4-5 pods
    • ghee (or butter, but can aslo substitute with coconut oil for a vegan option) – 1/2 tsp
    • jaggery (unrefined sugar) – 4-5 tsp
    • fennel seeds – 1/2 tsp
    • nuts for decoration 

Step 1. Grate four medium-sized apples coarsely.

Step 2 . Heat 1/2 tsp ghee (butter/oil) on medium heat, it is the best to use a wok for that.

Step 3. Add 1/2 tea spoon fennel (optional).

Step 4. Add the grated apples and cook until it is soft and pulpy. cooking time is usually about 10 minutes.

Step 5. When the apples are cooked, add grated Jaggery and mix well until the jaggery is well absorbed. Adjust the amount according to the sweetness required.

Step 6. Turn off the heat. Make sure not to overcook the apples!

Step 7. Skin cardamom pods, crush them and mix well.

Step 8. Add a handful of roasted almonds, cashews or dry fruits of your choice to garnish your freshly made halwa!

Serve your apple halwa warm, it makes it the best autumn treat for a fresh afternoon!

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