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Spices as Home Remedies Guide

You can download our short visual guide which explains the health benefits of the spices that are commonly found in your kitchen. 

What's Included in the Guide?

In the guide you will find a snapshot of the following basics:

  • health benefits of various spices and herbs that are commonly found in your home

  • how to use the spices to make homemade medicine against cough and colds

Video Guide Included!

We are also adding a video, which features a full tutorial about the health benefits and uses of each spice and herb with Srikant Singh, the creator of the famous course The Mastery of Spices. The PDF guide was made to complement the video, and to help you remember the main points, so both of them are great material for anyone, who wants to learn about the health benefits, their uses and how to create simple and easy home remedies.