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10 Most Famous Noodle Dishes in Malaysia

Malaysia is a land of diverse landscapes, ethnic groups and food culture and is truly a miniature Asia. While the country has a rich food history of its own, Chinese, Indian, Thai, Singaporean and Indonesian influences are visible in its gastronomy.

Malaysia is a popular foodie destination. People from different cultures have brought their regional recipes and food traditions to this country, enriching its culinary scene. As a result, Malay cuisine has acquired a distinctive flavour that is best experienced in person.
Like most of their Asian cousins, Malaysians find unique ways to create delectable and mouth-watering rice and noodle based dishes. Meat, seafood and vegetables are given prominent roles in most recipes. Sauces and spices work their magic on unsuspecting travellers and leave them dewy-eyed and totally in love with the food.

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