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Must Try Food in Rajasathan

The land of warriors, Rajasthan is a prominent travel destination in India. This desert land is a living testimony to a rich past with stunning landscape, grand palaces and forts, unique cities, vibrant culture, artistic wizardry and delectable food.
Traditional cuisine is indeed a reflection of geography, local culture and historical influences. The gastronomic tales of this arid land are no different. From the meat loving Rajputs to traditionally vegetarian Marwaris, each group has left its indelible mark. 
Vegetarian and meat lovers will find unique dishes that lend a distinct texture and flavour to local foods.

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A Complete Guide to Local Food in Mysore

Travellers in South India, especially those exploring sights slightly off the Western coast, rarely miss out on Mysore. The magnificent Mysore Palace, a landmark of the city, as well as numerous bird sanctuaries and nature reserves are not the only reasons which bring international and Indian travellers to this city. Mysore is one of the main Indian cities to attract yoga students from all over the world who spend a few weeks, months and sometimes even years learning this ancient science from the source. (more…)

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