Top 20 Gluten-Free Bloggers 2018 (Recipes, Lifestyle and Travel)

Top 20 Gluten-Free Bloggers 2018 (Recipes, Travel & Lifestyle)

Top 20 Gluten-Free Bloggers 2018 (Recipes, Travel & Lifestyle)

Gluten-free bloggers from our list opted for a gluten-free lifestyle for a good reason, and often it was not their own free choice. Most of them were either diagnosed with Celiac disease themselves or had to live with severe food allergies of their family members. All of them follow different diets: on this list you will find vegan bloggers, as well as those who follow keto or paleo diets, or just simply live without gluten and sugar, without giving it a special name.

Regardless, in each blog you will find plenty of delicious gluten-free recipes, motivation and resources for a healthy gluten-free lifestyle.

1.Gluten Free Follow Me

Gluten Free Follow Me, a creation by Jackie Aanonsen McEwan, is ore than just a blog – it’s a proper guide to gluten-free life. On her website you will find recipes, products and over 2000 gluten-free eateries.

2. No Gluten, No Problem

This blog is created by Pete and Kelli Bronski, a husband-and-wife team. No Gluten, No Problem received multiple awards as a top allergy and gluten-free blog, and for a good reason. Their website is full of delicious gluten-free recipes.

3. Gluten Free Easily

Shirley Braden leads a gluten intolerance / celiac support group, and she set up this blog to share the information with the group. She shares gluten-free recipes as well as tips on how to lead a gluten-free life.

4. The Spunky Coconut

By changing the nutrition Kelly V. Brozyna could dramatically improve the health condition of all members of her family. She creates gluten-free and Paleo dishes that are similar to conventional wheat/dairy/refined sugar recipes – you can find them on her website and in her cookbooks. 

5. This Mess is Ours

Meg van der Kruik, the creator of This Mess is Ours, has a true challenge: she cooks for a vegetarian and three meat-eaters with a range of gluten and dairy sensitivities. She shares her recipes on the blog, which accompanied by absolutely amazing photography

6. Noshtastic

Sheena’s blog is unique because it features recipes for different types of diets, while staying gluten-free. Thus, you will find gluten-free food ideas for paleo diet, whole 30 recipes, keto diet and low carb recipes.

7. Gluten-Free on a Shoestring

Nicole Hunn, the author of 4 cookbooks, focuses on making a gluten-free diet affordable for everyone. If you consider gluten-free food to be too expensive then her cost-saving recipes will change it.

8. The Gluten Free Lifesaver

The Gluten Free Lifesaver is created and managed by Kristine Ofstad, a coeliac. She features easy and yummy recipes and product reviews. If you are into food blogging yourself, then Kristine can offer you professional help in this niche as well.

9. Spoonful of Health

Dawn Wicks Rofrano, the author of Spoonful of Health is a health coach in Natural Medicine Clinic, where she works along with her husband, a Chiropractic Physician. Her blog is not specifically dedicated to gluten-free lifestyle, but her recipes are free of gluten, grain, dairy and soy. She also shares general health and nutrition tips.

10. Strength and Sunshine

Rebecca, the author of Strength and Sunshine, is a Celiac advocate, healthy allergy-friendly food blogger and a yogi. She shares amazing gluten-free recipes, which include plenty of cookies, breads, cakes and even doughnuts. 

11. CAFE (Celiac and Allergy Friendly Epicurean)

Jackie Ourman, a trained chef, had to switch her diet completely when her children, her mother and herself were diagnosed with life-threatening allergies. She shares gluten-free and allergy-friendly recipes and many useful resources.

12. Hold the Gluten

Maureen Stanley has been gluten-free since 2005. She is the creator of a famous podcast and on her website you will find loads of helpful gluten-free products recommendations, including cosmetics.

13. The Gluten Free Blogger

Sarah is a coeliac who makes gluten-free lifestyle fun! She loves food and calls herself a  “Professional Gluten Free Pizza Tester”. On her blog you will find products, recipes, eateries and even humour.

14. My Darling Lemon Thyme

Emma Galloway, the creator of My Darling Lemon Thyme, is a trained chef. When she took a break from work to take here of her newly born baby she discovered that her children, as well as her, suffer from gluten and lactose intolerance. Her blog is dedicated to “gluten-free vegetarian real food recipes, stories and tips on organic gardening”.

15. Goodie Goodie Gluten Free

Julie is a Board Certified Holistic Health Coach. Her website is devoted to “healthy original gluten-free & plant-based & free-from recipes, lifestyle articles, self-care tips, gluten-free reviews & spiritual growth.”

16. My Gluten-Free Kitchen

Michelle was diagnosed with a celiac disease in 2010. She loves baking and has a serious sweet tooth for cupcakes and cookies, so she had no choice, but to learn gluten-free baking.

17. Gluten-free Goddess

Karina, aka Gluten-Free Goddess, who discovered she was gluten-intolerant in 2001, shares an archive of 400 gluten-free recipes. We also love her FAQ session – it has a lot of useful tips for the basis of gluten-free lifestyle.

18. Gluten Free Sage

Jet, the creator of Gluten Free Sage, is sharing her 15 years of experience of living with Celiac disease. Her website is not just about recipes – it offers a real support for those who go through the same challenges and features tonnes of resources and motivation.

19. Eat Without Gluten

Sema is a college student who was diagnosed with Celiac and who makes a gluten-free lifestyle look really easy. Her blog provides “positive, practical, educational and insightful information on the gluten-free diet”.

20. BuenQamino

BuenQamino is a creation of Christina Kantzavelos, a world traveller who has been suffering from food allergies and an autoimmune disease since 2012. Her blog features Celiac, Gluten-Free, Allergen Friendly travel.   

And the best source for gluten-free travel available on internet is to be found on Legal Nomads, a blog, which we earlier featured in our Top 28 Food and Travel Bloggers.

Do you think we missed a great gluten-free blog? Let us know in the comments and we’ll be happy to add it!


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