Top 20 Wine Blogs to Follow in 2018 | Best Wine Blogs

Top 20 Wine Blogs to Follow in 2018

Top 20 Wine Blogs

Top 20 Wine Blogs to Follow in 2018

In an ideal world, how would your day end?

  • With a glass of your favourite wine and some soft music floating through
  • Curling up under the warm sheets after spending a day exploring vineyards
  • Searching books or websites for the next wine varietal to taste

If you’ve said a silent yes, then you’ll probably enjoy reading what comes next. We are taking you on a journey that involves fermented grapes and everything else connected to it.

Remember our Top Food and Travel Bloggers List? We’ve attempted something similar, but this time the spotlight is on wine enthusiasts, experts, connoisseurs, tasters, writers, and travellers.

The bloggers on the list talk about a lot more than wine reviews. They narrate travel and food stories, tantalise you with their images, share their knowledge about wines, and provide an insider’s view on the wine industry.

1. Tim Atkin

Author – Tim Aktin and guest contributors 

Tim’s site is unique in that it showcases music and wine pairings. Apart from this, the Master of Wine and his guest writers review wines, producers and regions. You’ll also find opinion pieces on tasting and wine investments, special reports, videos and recipes.


Author– Jon Thorsen

Along with suggestions on finding budget-friendly wines, this wine drinker and blogger posts wine reviews and adventure stories from his travels.

3. Matt Walls

Author – Matt Walls

This UK wine lover wants to educate you on choosing the best wine for every occasion and how to taste like a wine expert. There are wine and winery reviews for those who like that sort of stuff.


Authors – Alder Yarrow and contributors

Wine expert Alder, wears many hats including author, columnist and speaker. He and team post articles related to wines including reviews, commentary, industry news, places to dine, and wine books to read.


Author – Jamie Goode

This award-winning wine journalist from UK reveals his love and knowledge of wines with travel and tasting notes, pictures and book reviews. One of the best wine blogs for both wine geek’s and novices.


Author – Natalie Maclean

This Canadian blogger rates and reviews wines she has tasted and helps readers pair the best wines with food recipes.

7. Grape Wall Of China

Author – Jim Boyce

Jim Boyce has been covering the Chinese wine scene from 2007 and his site includes tasting notes, industry news, and expert interviews

8. The Wine Doctor

Author – Chris Kissack

if you wan tan insider view of the tow of France great wine regions – Bordeaux and Loire Valley, bookmark this blog. There is something for everyone from producer profiles, tasting notes to book and restaurant reviews.


Author – Caro Jensen and Emily Camblin

Sipnzwine covers the New Zealand wine scene. You’ll find guides on wines, vineyards, best regions, wine events and even info on wine bars.

10. Wine Explorers

Author – Jean-Baptiste Ancelot

This site journals Jean and his team’s wine travel project spanning 92 countries and 250 wine growing regions. You’ll find travel anecdotes, wine tasting experiences, and vineyard reviews among other gems.


Author – Andrew Graham

A wine judge on the side, Andrew talks about Australian wine in particular, although he reviews wines and beers from other regions on his site.

12. The Wine Siren

Author – Kelly Mitchell

Do you want to know the complex process that involve both wine making and cooking? Kelly explorer the world of wine, farming-to-table stories, and the people behind it all.

13. Wine Peeps

Authors – Kori and Colby Voorhees, John and LaGayle Sosnowy

This is the place for readers who want to know more about inexpensive wines, their taste and flavour, and where to find them. The authors post the results of their blind wine tasting sessions, along with travel notes that revolve around wines.


Author – Ted Lelekas

Ted’s goal is turn this site into the ultimate destination on Greek wines and wineries. You’ll find vineyard reviews, news, tips, and business listings here.

15. Around The World in 80 Harvests

Author – Amanda Barnes

What to do some armchair wine travelling? Join Amanda and her team as they travel across the globe exploring wineries, vineyards, and of course, tasting unique wines along the way.


16. Vindulge

Author – Mary Cressler

In addition to running an event and catering business, this writer and sommelier posts interesting food recipes and their wine pairings on her blog. You’ll find some travel stories in there too.

17. Provence Wine Zine

Authors – Susan Newman Manfull and others

This wine blog is the brainchild of an American Journalist who traces her love for Provence and wines to her French roots. Susan focuses on wines from this region along with food pairing tips, wine news and guides.

18. Wine Terroirs

Author – Bertrand Celce

Bertrand Celce, French photographer, writes about his country’s wine routes, dining spots and wine trivia. You find interesting images and stories about vineyard and winery visits, and the people involved.

19. Wine Wankers

Authors – Conrad And Drew

If you’re looking for wine infused sartorial notes, head to this site. The Aussie duo (who own it) have a humorous take on wine which is reflected in their travel stories, tips, guides and reviews.

20. Wine Camp

Author – Craig Camp

This blog is about Craig’s life as a winemaker. Along with his vineyard photography, the blogger tells his story of making natural wines in Oregon.

Did you enjoy this round-up of wine blogs? Ready to embark on your own wine tasting and hosting adventure?

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    I have heard about some of these wine blog sites but not all of them. More to check out!

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    Interesting, I don’t know much about wine, but I’ll check them out. Maybe I’ll learn something!

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    Love all things wine! Thank you for the list!

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    Some of these are great wine blogs.

    Also check out 12× – an informative yet funny wine Blog

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    I love wine country and since I live in Washington I’ve visited winey country here and in Oregon, plenty of times. The last time I was in Napa I was very young and would love to return as I really loved the landscape. Domaine Carneros is quite grand and I’d love to see the winery -Grgich Hills Estate- that put California wines on the map. I also like train rides and that would be such a fun way to taste wines and see the scenery pass by slowly.

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  15. Anique Harper

    Wine blogs are the intriguing gateway to a wonderful world of appreciation for wine. Wine has always shared a rather regal and idealistic view in the present day. When someone thinks of wine, I am sure that the vineyards in Italy or France are the first things that pop into their mind. Wonderful blue and purple clusters of ready and worthy wine grapes settle in heavy, leaning on their trellis, begging to be plucked off the vine. To the lucky few that get to travel the vineyards of the world *a toast*. Keep giving us the blogs that keep us going!

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  16. John

    Fun list, with a nice, diverse geography represented! You missed our favorite (albeit tiny) AVA, the Livermore valley, south of Napa. That area is well covered by The blog covers other areas, too, but their clear focus is on Livermore. Some great Petite Sirah and Zins represented!

    2 months ago Reply

  17. Roy

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