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Vegan Meal Plan
for Beginners

(21 recipes included, free download)

7 Day Vegan Meal Plan For Beginners

Meal Planning is one of the main strategies that help you stick to healthy eating. It takes away the stress of not knowing what to eat, and also ensures that your daily diet is balanced and has a variety of healthy meals. Most meal plans, including our free vegan meal plan on this page, also include simple recipes, that take 15-30 minutes to put together. If you have a family, it’s the real time-saver!

You can Download our Vegan Meal Plan absolutely for free, just scroll at the bottom of the page.

If you are just starting out with a plant-based way of eating, then meal planning is actually a necessity for you. Most of us grow up learning that we need to have meat and dairy on our plates daily. Many students in our Healthy Cooking School initially struggle with finding the right substitutes for the animal-based meals. And by substitutes we don’t mean faux meats, but rather real whole foods, that provide all the necessary nutrients, vitamins and minerals. And that’s exactly what our meal plan focuses on: real food, simple recipes, and healthy balanced nutrition. This meal plan gives you a good idea of what to eat and how to organize your daily nutrition, if you are interested in more practical tutorials on how to actually cook these delicious meals, check out our Meal Plan and Meal Prep program, a part of Happy Bellyfish membership. 

Here is a sneak peek at how our 

meal plan looks like, in a nutshell

(nutrition information is provided

as well):

Vegan Meal Plan For Beginners For A Week

It also includes 21 recipes, that are 

simple, tasty and nutritious, 

just like this one:

Vegan Meal Plan For 7 Days With Recipes

What You Get
Inside This
Meal Plan: